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Download Tekken 5 game for Media Fire in a small size
Download Tekken 5 game for Media Fire in a small size

Download Tekken 5 game for a small size, the most popular wrestling game Tech 5 where action and excitement in direct fighting matches with more than 32 people from the strongest warriors who have never been invincible, prepared to test your skills in direct physical counterparts your basic weapon is hand -made combat skills as well as skillful and good Management and dribbling.

This version of the Tekken Fighting Games series was launched in 2004 by the Japanese company Namco and carried a lot of exciting additions compared to previous releases. These changes include the gameplay itself, the fighting is no longer limited to practicing arts and movements of the fighting only, but also It increased the possibility of using interactive elements in the fighting environment to overcome the competitor.

Information about downloading Tekken 5 game for computer:-

Characters :
The Techn 5 version is the first in the series that includes the ability to make technical adjustments to 32 playable characters, you can now choose your favorite combat combat personality and make apparent adjustments to them in terms of clothes, accessories, hair story, facial features and other interesting things.

The appearance and structure of the characters is modified after downloading the Tekken 5 game for the computer in a small size through the game store against the coins you earn by winning matches and challenges and reaping rewards.

Tenc 5 game is completely designed from 3D graphics with fine and sharp colors and details that help the player integrate with events, and the amendments that occurred to this version included more flexibility in the movements and responses of the playable characters.

There is also more interactive elements in the playing environment with the download of the Tecken 5 game for the computer, including closed fighting, walls, trees, rocks, etc., some elements can be detonated or fully shattered at their own, and the appropriate elements can be captured to fight and use against the opponent.

More about downloading the Tight 5 game for the computer:-

the way of playing :
This version ‘TEKKKEN 5’ follows the usual gameplay pattern in all versions of the series, where you start when entering the game system and choosing a playing style and the fighter, sometimes you can choose the competitor who will fight him, when this opportunity is available always choose a similar discount for your fighter’s personality from Where combat skills and classification can be able to upgrade your classification and combat degree quickly and steadily.

The fighting revolves after downloading the Tekken 5 game inside an open fighting track, during which the player can move freely and use the elements and factors surrounding the competition in competition, and the fighting can be individually for only one discount, or it may be against a group of human or automated opponents.

Despite the possibility of using some simple firearms such as guns, handicrafts or white weapons such as sticks, spears, samurai swords, as well as solid elements in the surrounding environment, the basic fighting pattern in this version depends primarily on paying punches and kicks and trying to lose the opponent balance and the amount of health his own.

Fighting arenas:
The release of the Tech 5 game is the first in the famous wrestling and adventure series that includes many interactive elements in the various battlefields at the length of the level The items that you destroyed to beat the opponent.

Talking about the battlefields, they are truly a variety of closed places such as wrestling tracks in the presence of a large number of fans for each of the players, as well as the presence of battlefields in natural places that may be in the forest, hills, mountain peaks, or near rivers, as well Fight in the city’s streets, as well as the designs of the battlefields vary to give the player more enthusiasm and excitement.

The most important positives in downloading the Tekken 5 game for the computer:-

  • Tech follows 5 dramatic stories for each character that increases the player’s integration degree.
  • Voice effects follow the orders and movements that the player make realistically.
  • The ability to allocate external appearance and some combat skills for your favorite personality.
  • 7 new fighters have been added in this version, each of which has its own combat skills.
  • The ability to enhance the playing experience by buying weapons and helping purposes from the game store.

Pictures from inside the Tecken 5 game

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