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Download GOD Of War 1 game for compact compact from Media Fire

Download the GOD Of War 1 game for the 195 MB computer, is the game of war god of the fighting games that depend on action and wrestling, and it also transmits a similar image from the middle historical times of the Greek state.

The first version of God of War was released on the PlayStation 2 platform in March 2004, while in 2008 this game appeared for the second time on PlayStation 3, it is the first part of the Jude of War series and is still in the process of creating other parts, where it was released 7 Parts so far.

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Information about downloading God of War 1 game for the computer:

About the game:
The game of the God of war depends on wars and fighting based on imagination from ancient times, Kratos is the hero of the game events, as he served the gods for 10 years of suffering, and until he gets rid of that slavery, the tasks required of him must be implemented, as his last task is to get rid From Iris, who kills thousands of innocent without guilt.

Game story:
God of War 1 begins with the character of Cretos, saying ‘Olympus gods who have abandoned me’ and then throws himself from the highest mountain in the Greeks with soundtrack and slow movement while falling as a kind of effects and suspense of integration into the events and adventures of the game.

Cretus power:
Crete is one of the children with superpowers derived from nature, as he was sailing with a ship towards the Ash region to meet the God of Olympus, but in the middle of the road he was attacked by strange creatures that create from the nothingness of the underworld, and from here the battles and events begin and you can go into this adventure after downloading God of War 1 game for the computer.

The task of salvation:
Cretos comes to a vision from Lord of Besdim and assigned the task of getting rid of these creatures and saving women and children before reaching the essential and giving him the strength that helps him to complete this task, and this task was successfully completed and continued on his way, when reaching Anees the levels of the game will start in the fighting. And challenges.

More about God of War 1 game on the computer:

The beginning of the game:
The game of God’s war does not need to log in or specific data, just click on New Game and then choose the level based on the difficulty you prefer (Easy – Normal – Hard – Vry Hard).

Weapons and fighting means available:
Initially, Cretus has a superpower claiming the anger of the gods, as it is the main weapon in the game, which is Blades of Chaos, and after progressing in the game he gets a large sword to fight in different methods, and Cretus learns some magic tricks, including anger Zeus, Midosa, the army of hell and anger Posidon.


The player also gets a three -year -old Possidone that enables you to breathe under the water, and after completing the download of the game of Media Fire and start playing when fighting with one of your powerful enemies and serious damage as a result of continuous beating and overcoming it will show a circle button in front of you On the screen and the battle ends with winning.

The basic currency:
The basic currency is known as hacksilver, you can get these currencies when you break everything in front of you like boxes so that you can use them to purchase your needs and upgrade weapons, and you can sell holdings and old weapons to gain currencies.

The Jawd of War1 game contains the division challenge section and contains 10 stages, so that you can overcome these stages, you have to complete the required tasks, and the side tasks must be carried out because it increases the promotions you get.


The most important features of downloading God of War 1 game:

  • Learn exciting martial arts.
  • Using intelligence to solve puzzles.
  • Development of sensory perception by imagination.
  • Speed ​​in performance to get rid of enemies.
  • Learn about different types of weapons.
  • Take a combat experience full of excitement and suspense.

Pictures from inside the game

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