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Download Asphalt 8: Air Driving game for PC

Download Asphalt 8: Air Driving game for PC
Download Asphalt 8: Air Driving game for PC

Asphalt 8: Airborne driving ‘Asphalt 8 Airborne’ is considered one of the most popular car games in history. You can now download the Asphalt 8 game for computer and Android from Media Fire, as the number of downloads has reached more than 2 billion times. The game is owned by the leading company Gameloft. In the simulation game industry, despite the emergence of new versions of the Gameloft series, Asphalt 8 remains an example of extreme realism.

Downloading the Asphalt 8 game for the computer has achieved more success on personal computers running the Windows 8 and 10 operating system, unlimited fun and excitement that exceeds playing on smartphones due to the large size of the computer screen, direct challenges on the Internet with contestants from all over the world.

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Information about downloading the game Asphalt 8: Air Driving:

Real cars:
All the racing cars in the game are already present in reality, with the same capabilities, design and brands. Enjoy driving high-speed models such as Pagani Zonda, Ferrari, Porsche, as well as the official Formula 1. There is a large discrepancy between the specifications of the vehicles, which extends beyond the exterior body design and design. Interior, color, and other differences in appearance.

One of the most important factors for the difference between the racing cars in Asphalt 8 Airborne is the difference in maximum speed, along with the power of acceleration or launch, in addition to the intensity of the brake braking and balance during rotation. Asphalt 8 reveals to you through precise indicators the differences between the racing cars at the level of capabilities mentioned above.

Vehicle development:
In the maintenance section, you have the right to upgrade any car you have previously purchased in Asphalt 8: Air Driving for the computer via gold coins. Upgrades take time periods that gradually increase with advanced developments. You can also change the paint color from medium to bright colors, in addition to changing tires and adding… Stickers to decorate the exterior.

More about downloading Asphalt 8 for PC:

Race tracks:
The races in Asphalt 8 Airborne take place on a huge group of roads of different sizes. Some tracks are characterized by vast areas while others are limited in size. Asphalt roads on official tracks, sandy and rugged mountainous surfaces in which it is difficult to precisely control the movement of the car, which reveals the actual differences between skills. Drivers.

The roads include traffic signs of various shapes that show you important details and information, and they also contain barriers that will make you float in the air for a few seconds. Slow motion photography is supported in Asphalt 8: Air Driving, which provides you with exceptional shots while rising above the ground. Try hard to avoid a collision. On sidewalks, walls, and even in competitors’ cars to avoid turning and slowing down.

Other roads in the frozen arctic, forests, and more. All arenas after downloading the Asphalt 8 game for the computer, the latest version, include nitrogen canisters. Collect those canisters and use them immediately to gain additional speed.

Play online:
Aside from the offline play mode, Asphalt 8 supports the online group racing system. These challenges take place between real players from different countries around the world. You have the right to create a new server and invite friends to run a new race with you. The number of competitors participating in the challenge reaches 15 players. At the same time, across cars of multiple brands and specifications, there is fierce competition on the part of everyone to reach the finish line in first place.

Advantages of downloading Asphalt 8: Air driving:

  • Periodic updates to the list of racing cars.
  • Continuous discounts and offers on prices.
  • Multiple individual and group racing styles.
  • The possibility of taking on challenges with friends.
  • Fantastic graphics, so to speak.
  • The speed at which upgrades are completed.

Pictures from inside the game

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