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Download Assassin’s Creed 1 game for computer + all versions

Download Assassin's Creed 1 game for computer + all versions
Download Assassin's Creed 1 game for computer + all versions

Download Assassin’s Creed game from Media Fire with a size of 2.33 GB, now you can enjoy action and adventure Asas Creed 1 or as it is said about the doctrine To its distinctive idea and its story inspired by ancient history and many other things.

The Asasa Kreed game takes you on a journey to the twelfth century, specifically to Damascus, Acre and Jerusalem, but what distinguishes it is that this time period was simulated in all its details, starting from the characters ’clothes through weapons to the shape and designs of buildings and facilities, which gives the player a great distinctive experience .

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wnloading Assassin’s Creed 1 for computer:-

Play style:
The player takes control of the game champion ‘altaïr’ who is assigned to complete many difficult tasks, which are assassinations of characters from the horsemen, who are very important, which means that reaching them and killing them is very difficult in light of the presence of many guards armed with swords.

As Asas Creed operates with the open world system that gives the player the full freedom to roam and collect the largest possible amount of information about the goal, which allows you after downloading the Asasin Creed game to choose the most appropriate way to carry out the task, but the intensive spread of the Temple Knights soldiers makes it difficult to This can be overcome by hiding.

Personal skills:
The main character has many great skills that you can enjoy after downloading the Assassin’s Creed game, such as the ability to use weapons, hide, infiltration, running, jumping, climbing walls, swimming, hunting, fighting with hands and engaging with two weapons at the same time, and many other capabilities that make the character eligible to perform the tasks assigned to her.

Playing arenas:
The Assassin’s Creed game contains amazing playgrounds very close to reality, where the player can interact with almost everything surrounding him, and the presence of the player greatly affects the environment around him, not only that, but it also contains a huge number of buildings that It is connected by many streets and narrow corridors.

More about downloading the Asas Kreed 1 game:-

mission :
In every new task after downloading the Assassin’s Creed game, the player gets some information about the goal of the goal and the nature of the task, but that information will not be enough, which requires the player to do a reconnaissance task about the goal to know his movements and the number and types of guards, knowing that some tasks include several goals Different such as theft, eavesdropping or interrogation.

There is also a lot of side tasks that the player can complete alongside the main task, such as the task of climbing the tall constellations to draw a graphic map of the city or the task of defending citizens who are harassed by the Temple Knights, and many other side tasks through which the player gets upgrade elements Weapons.

Assassin’s Creed 1 contains a large number of weapons such as ‘Varine Ax’, which is a strong weapon capable of causing great harm and can be promoted to several different levels, as well About an iron chain installed at the end of a sharp metal blade.

There is also with the download of the Asasin Creed game for the computer ‘Petra Arch’, which is the most appropriate weapon to engage with enemies from long distance The shields that will provide a partial protection player from enemy attacks.

The most important positives download Assassin’s Creed for the computer:-

  • A large variety of upgrade weapons.
  • Many major tasks and side tasks as well.
  • The main character has a lot of skills
  • Interactive and realistic playing environments to the maximum degree.
  • Ultra -accurate graphics with realistic physics.

Pictures from inside Asas Creed 1 game

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