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Download Banchou Tactics game from Media Fire

Download Banchou Tactics game from Media Fire
Download Banchou Tactics game from Media Fire

Download the Banchou Tactics game for the computer, it is a strategic video game of the type of roles, the game was released in 2023 and in which you will be able to control a group of rebel teachers who make a riot in school and excite chaos.

Your task in the game is to carry out the various tasks that are attributed to you by the game system and confront the school principal, who seems to be an evil leader and the use of the tools available to you to defeat this principal and continue to do riots.

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Graphics and effects:

The Banchou Tactics game features manually drawn dual drawings to enhance the creativity factor in designing a play environment, characters and different elements that will interact with it while playing.

These drawings are characterized by a simple artistic style, but are colored in different colors and attractive colors that help integrate with the atmosphere of the game, the play environment is designed to simulate a Japanese secondary school that adheres to very strict rules and traditions.

Likewise, the sound effects in downloading the Banchou Tactics game are simple, but it performs the purpose of integration with events and obtaining enthusiasm in completing levels and performing different tasks during play.

The audio in the game is characterized by good quality and helps to create an interesting and interesting atmosphere, for example combat sounds and effects resulting from attempts to create riots in school are strong and add to the players affected by events, as well as the soundtrack affected by the classic Japanese taste in music to enhance the experience in general.

Play style:

The style of playing in the game of Banchou Tactics depends on playing roles and strategic thinking as you control a group of secondary school students and these students must confront and overcome the school leader.

You have to cooperate with other characters in the game to develop a tight strategy that helps to attack the school leader and confront the enemies and overcome them.

There is a set of levels that you have to pass after downloading the Banchou Tactics game, each of these levels will be full of challenges, difficulties and risks. You should avoid traps and enemies and solve puzzles and develop the appropriate strategies to attack in order to be able to progress at the levels.

In the game you have to move through the school map to explore the different areas in the play environment, while you wander this you will meet many enemies such as school staff, their employees, adults and school principal. You should use weapons and equipment available to you to confront these enemies and overcome them.

In those times, there will be some puzzles that you must solve to move forward at the levels, as well as you will have to collect resources and open new parts and levels that contain a huge amount of adventure, challenge and action in school.

More details about downloading Banchou Tactics:-


The Banchou Tactics game contains escalating difficulty levels due to the multiplicity of challenges and risks that you will have to face while playing, for example you will have to face a variety of enemies of different forces, some of them are very strong and they are fighting violently while others are easy to overcome.

There are also traps that students and employees at the school put these traps designed to sign you such as mines, digging, etc., and the affected by one of those traps may cause great damage to the characters, and the game also contains a group of puzzles that may be difficult at some levels and you have to solve them in order to be able to find Your way to progress at levels,

Risks :

There are some risks that you must take care of after downloading the Banchou Tactics game for the computer, including death during the fighting in the game, some of the enemies you face may be armed and have a major goal, which is to get rid of your time.

Therefore, avoid your personality dies in the game so that you do not lose all the resources that you collected and the progress you made, and you must care about the time factor where you have to complete the tasks assigned to you within a specific time period, otherwise the level ends with the loss.

As in many video games you will have a certain level of health if this level decreases due to your exposure to many attacks and strikes, your personality will die and the level ends with a loss.

The features of downloading the Banchou Tactics game for the computer:-

  • The game contains a variety of characters that can be played and controlled.
  • The game depends on a strategic playing style that develops intelligence as you have to develop a plan for the attack and its followers.
  • The game features an exciting fighting and battle system that requires the player to think fast.
  • The game is designed with high -quality three -dimensional drawings in its details.
  • The control style is easy and suitable for all players, as you can move freely on the game map and explore different areas.

Pictures from inside the game


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