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Download Battlefield 3 game for Media Fire

Download Battlefield 3 game for Media Fire
Download Battlefield 3 game for Media Fire

Download Battlefield 3 game for the 13 GB Media Fire, enjoy a new range of freedom and unprecedented dimensions of enthusiasm and challenge in the strongest fully designed combat in a new way with the download of Battlefield 3 game, explore more new maps in team and individual play style, an open world Highly realistic simulates the weather, environmental conditions and geographical terrain for each battlefield that invades it.

This version of the Battlefield 3 series of fighting and sparkling wars was launched in 2011, and as a predecessor, it depends on playing from the perspective of the first person, which in turn enhances the degree of the player’s integration with the events and the surrounding play environment, the story of this version deals with the security moves from the American army to confront terrorism In a country like Iraq and Iran, this version also comes from the video games giant Electronic Arts.

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Information about downloading the Battle Field 3 game for the computer:-

Graphics and open world:
Perhaps one of the most important features of the Battlefield 3 game for the computer or the series in general is its origin is the designs of the open world, very realistic and simulation that is renewed and the inclusion of new maps on it in each version, and users yearn to explore these new maps and learn about the quality of the tasks that each map contains.

In the third version, you can move more freely than before between different regions of the playing maps, and you can, after downloading the Patel Field 3 game for the computer, use weapons and warships more freely and facilitate the previous versions, all you have to do is to ascend the tank or armored vehicle and drive it wherever You like.

The different levels of the Battlefield 3 game follow the upgrade style whenever you advance in play, where the ban on new points in maps contains more battles and tasks whenever you successfully associate tasks to you, the playing environment will change around you in a radical way, which requires you and your team members ready and prepared Completely to deal with the surrounding conditions.

Often the various versions of the Battlefield 3 game dealt with the time period during the First and Second World War and the Vietnam War and others, but this version ‘download the Pattle Field 3’ game deals with the time period and events that took place during the period of the war of the United States of America and Iraq, so the vast majority of maps The various tasks within the Battlefield 3 game rotate in various geographical points that have a desert character between Iran and Iraq and the Iranian Azrabigian border, some of which are in Europe and America.

More about downloading the Battlefield 3 game for the computer:-

the way of playing :
When entering the servers of the Battlefield 3 game, you must choose between the individual or team play style, in the individual style the main player is controlling 4 military figures belonging to the US military forces, each of these personalities is indispensable to complete the tasks assigned to the player, then You have chosen the individual style you should be aware of the good timing of the characters.

The four characters in the individual style are a sniper fighter, a doctor’s fighter to mediate the human injuries located on the team members, as well as we find a technical figure who specializes in repairing vehicle malfunctions and war equipment, while the fourth character is a surveyor of the environment surrounding the players, his role is to direct the rest of the team with points The most secure shelter and how to move between the different geographical regions of the map.

The team playing style as another is consisting of a number of fighters that may reach 64 people, they make up an integrated war squad, each of them receives a specific task and has his rank and his own job within the team, each of these characters completes the other for the goal of reaching the final goal which is to complete the required task After downloading the Battlefield 3 game for the computer, so the member who is defected from the group’s rules is abandoned and replaced.

After completing the download of the Battlefield 3 game for the computer, you will find a group of somewhat advanced weapons compared to previous versions, all of which bear the motto of the war front that you chose to belong to, whether you belong to the American army or the enemies forces you will be able to use a large and developed arsenal of light and heavy firearms and weapons White as well as chemical weapons.

At the top of the weapons that you will have at the course of the levels are the small pistol handicrafts, as well as silent sniping rifles, long -term rifles, fire bombs, toxic gas bombs, in addition to heavy weapons such as missile launchers, flames, tanks and armored cars that are fully equipped to fight, and more Martial and war equipment that will face more freedom when used in Battlefield 3.

The most important features of downloading Battlefield 3 game for computer:-

  • A gradual drama continues in the events of the story.
  • The player can increase his points through side tasks.
  • The diversity of tasks between fighting, direct, monitoring and espionage.
  • Keep the levels of progress when you need to close the game until a later time.
  • The ban on weapons and equipment is more advanced whenever the player completes the additional tasks.

Pictures from inside Battlefield 3 game

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