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Download Bus Simulator for free for the computer

Download Bus Simulator for free for the computer
Download Bus Simulator for free for the computer

Download a 1.6 GB PC mini-Fire simulator game, enjoy downloading Bus Simulator by simulating driver and moving between streets and cities, you can drive 8 licensed cars from the most famous truck and bus manufacturers such as IVECO, Man, Mercedes-Benz and Setra, the player can drive Buses in 12 different regions require completing different tasks to open new areas.

The player can move and fully control the car. In front of you the wheel and vision inside the bus is completely similar to the vision that the driver sees on the ground, you can benefit from the Bus Simulator game in learning to drive cars in general, as it gives you the opportunity to drive and walk in buses and cars in different roads and streets .

You can increase the speed whatever you want, you have a car mirror to monitor the road around you, take over the role of the professional bus driver and avoid collisions and possible accidents, keep your reputation through a safe and accurate driving style.

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Information about downloading bus emulator game for computer:

The driver’s personality:
Most time the character is invisible due to the adoption of the Bus Simulator game on the style of the first person’s perspective while driving the bus, the shape and appearance of the character can be modified from the color of the hair and the skin to the color of the shirt, pants and the partisan, and the type of driver (young, girl) can be determined.

The thing that is not complete in many car games is the absence of realism, so it gets quickly bored, but the successful games are the ones that simulate reality and make you forget that it is just a game, and this is what distinguishes Bus Simulator from other games, as it provides you with a high degree of realism and details It makes you harmonious with it until it becomes an integral part of it.

Multiple means of transportation:
While driving on the road, see a lot of cars and other buses that differ from you in color and shape, you can buy new buses different in terms of speed, colors, shapes, sizes and brands, there are 8 buses or buses with different brands.

Graphic designs:
The designs in the game are highly accurate, with the technology of the rich de, where you can see all the dimensions of people and places, the shapes of people with cartoon but conform to their shapes on the ground, in addition to the places, roads and cars that were brilliantly designed.

More about downloading Bus Simulator game:

Road planning:
It is designed in a very professional style that simulates reality, there are desert roads, roads inside the city, banners, traffic lights, and sidewalks, and there are many other cars that adhere to traffic and traffic rules, and you also have to adhere to these rules, after downloading the bus emulator game you must track the traffic line Which was identified by GPS, which appears in front of you at the lower screen inside the car with a blue arrow, in order to reach your destination.

Voice effects:
Bus Simulator game mimics the voices of interactive elements in a large degree of realism, for music, you will only find it in the control panel before the game starts, but once you start hearing the voices of the different road elements, cars, whistles, and the sound of the bus engine, until the sound of closing and opening the doors may hear it clearly .

the way of playing :
You can play playing after downloading the bus emulator game to the computer using the control arm, or Derxion games, or through the keyboard and in this way all you have to The letters (A-S-D-W), you can also customize and set play keys to suit you.

The most important positives of downloading the bus emulator game for the computer:

  • The embodiment of reality, and made the player feel like a real bus driver.
  • Entertainment, fun time with an advanced possibility game.
  • The possibility of development, by buying new buses.
  • Multiple players ’mode, you can play with your friends.

Pictures from inside the bus emulator game

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