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Download City Racing 3D for the computer for free

Download City Racing 3D for the computer for free
Download City Racing 3D for the computer for free

Download the car racing game for the computer and Android, epic races are held on a variety of real real racing paths on the ground after downloading the City Racing 3D game, an unlimited desire on the part of each contestant in achieving the first place by reaching the finish line before the rest of the participants, huge speeds enjoy It has racing cars, not to mention the additional speeds across nitrogen.

The game combines professionalism and realism, along with lightness and smoothness, if you are a fan of downloading racing car games, but your modest specifications prevent you from trying games such as Nid for Speed ​​or asphalt, etc. This version from City Residence Three de provides you with almost the same privileges of these games.

Download the original PES 2011 PES for the computer from Media Fire

Information about downloading the car racing game for the computer:

3D drawings:
This version of downloading a car race despite its operating requirements that suit almost all devices to the weak computer, but it provides you with a very large amount of quality, graphics is able to detect the smallest details in terms of car designs and racing squares, realistic colors with excessive degree, natural aspects that mimic The truth is amazingly.

Inspiring sound effects:
The auditory effects are certain in this version of downloading a car racing game due to the level of purity it enjoys, a wide variety of sounds for car engines with a sound of each engine, as well as the effects resulting from the wind, rainfall, brakes, collisions etc.

Huge car gallery:
You are surprised as soon as the car racing game is downloaded to the computer with the amount of vehicles available in the game, more than 60 unique racing cars you can sit on the seat of each of them separately, when your career with City Racing 3D begins to drive only one car without payment for it, share it In races, trying to achieve an advanced position among the participants to obtain financial rewards from the main currencies, allowing you to buy newer models with higher specifications.

Pric for the game is acceptable compared to other racing cars games, which is overwhelming in the cost of the vehicles, and therefore it will not be long waiting for you to have the opportunity to drive the best and fastest options available after downloading the City Racing 3D game from Media Fire, the conversation is long when mentioning brands so we leave it to you to get to know them From the experience.

Very diverse designs, including open and covered, vehicles that include only two seats and another with four passengers, more than 20 different colors. It is limited to the speed of traffic, which is measured by a kilometer per hour, the power of start, acceleration, wheel, and brake intensity, as well as the extent of stability on the road.

Race paths and control car racing game:

Carcraft upgrade:
Like most racing games, if not all of them, you can also develop the characteristics of the car once they belong to you as soon as they are purchased, the promotions are immediately with the first promotions after downloading a computer and mobile car race and very rapidly with advanced levels, the cost of development increases gradually as usual.

A lot of benefits are due to the upgrade of the car, it is worth noting after downloading the car racing game that the promotions are made separately on each piece of the cart, upgrade the brake brakes to increase its intensity, as well Decorate your car by switching tires and placing stickers with different shapes on the exterior.

Realistic race tracks:
You provide you to download the CITY RACING 3D car racing game, almost real or not different ways from the accepted race tracks on the ground, a big match between the game paths and those intended to receive global championships on the ground, choose the race track that suits you in each challenge separately .

Enjoy driving in the streets of the asphalt city completely free of bumps and obstacles with diamonds that allow you to reach the maximum possible speed only with the download of the ‘City Racing 3D’ car game , Forest and more, unlike all of the above.

control :
The way to play and give orders after downloading a game for computer and mobile is different depending on the type of device, a fundamental difference between the control method via Android smartphones APK and iPhone iOS compared to the personal computer, in all cases you can make a lot of adjustments to different aspects in proportion to the method of playing each player Separately.

More details about downloading City Racing 3D:

Various rituals and times:
The weather condition is also one of the factors of the difference between races in City Rising Three de, as it provides you with several different weather conditions. And storms and certainly provide you with a clear atmosphere away from fluctuations.

Additional realism similar to the 2021 racing cars games represented in the succession of the night and the day, which results in a complete difference in lighting as a result of sunrise and sunset, challenges that are held in daytime clarity and exciting competition You have a good view of a distance, not to mention the huge numbers of lighting poles installed throughout the race tracks.

Screen information:
During running races, display a variety of detailing in front of you, as is the case in car racing games, for example the current round number and the total number of rounds, in addition to your arrangement among the contestants, in addition to the appearance of a mini map in the Arab women game showing you the points of competitors’ cars And you can also see what is going on behind you by looking at the back mirror after downloading the car racing game.

After downloading the City Racing 3D game for Android, you can freely determine the car and the path you want to play on, as well It meets the various preferences of the contestants.

The starter starts from the point of all cars, alongside each other, during the race, many nitrogen signs that give you an additional walk for a limited period of time, try to collect the largest possible amount of those signs and use them in a timely 3D to disable them and prevent them from progressing on you, discover the rest of the great privileges and characteristics during your personal experience.

Features of downloading the car racing game for the computer:

  • Multi -corner cameras, a rear mirror reveals what is behind you.
  • Add new race tracks between close periods.
  • Bilateral and group races are individual gameplay patterns.
  • Continuous updates on the car list.
  • Prices of purchase and promotion are not incapacitated.
  • Diversity of rituals and times of competition.
  • The possibility of playing in offline.

Pictures from inside the game

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