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Download Counter Strike Carbon game from Media Fire

Download Counter Strike Carbon game from Media Fire
Download Counter Strike Carbon game from Media Fire

Download Counter Strike Carbon game for the computer, it is one of the developed versions of the Games of Correcting, Combat and Action Country Strike, which is developed Battles, maps and exciting details of the game story.

The game revolves around the player’s competition within two teams, one of the teams is a group of armed terrorists while the other team is the police forces facing the terrorist teams, you can choose to join one of those teams according to your preferences, but in both cases the tasks in the game include many exciting adventures Rich in action, such as the bombing of the hostile team sites, saving hostages, espionage, infiltration, assassination and other dangerous tasks.

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Information about downloading Counter Strike Carbon for the computer:-

Objectives and tasks:
There are many tasks and goals that you must do in the Counter Strike Carbon game and perhaps the most prominent task in the game is to destroy and refute the enemy team’s goals, where you have to join the police or terrorists team and depending on the team you have joined. You will have to thwart the team’s attempts The opposite is like disrupting the bombs and explosives planted by the opposite team.

You must also save the hostages from the peaceful people who were kidnapped by the terrorists, and this needs to be infiltrated and tactical planning to successfully carry out the task. In contrast, if you want to join terrorist groups in the game, your mission will be to kidnap these hostages to pressure the police forces and their bargain.

Likewise, the assassinations may be among the tasks priorities for you, especially if you join the terrorist team in the game, but in return if you want to be from the police forces, you will have to protect the goal to be assassinated at any cost and prevent that process from happening, enjoy more excitement with the download of the game Counter Strike Carbon.

Counter Strike Carbon includes many types of weapons that you can use while carrying out the tasks assigned to you inside the game such as guns, machine guns, sniping rifles, pistols, automatic and half -automatic rifles, as well as bombs, explosives, smoke bombs and flash rifles.

Each of these weapons is characterized by its own advantages in terms of the speed of the launch, the strength of influence, accuracy, effectiveness, bulletin and the cost of its promotion, and you must choose the appropriate weapon for your gameplay, the nature of the task and the number of enemies around you and the targets, as well as whether these enemies are armed or not.

Of course, after downloading the Counter Strike Carbon game, you can upgrade and customize the weapons stock in your possession whenever you advance in play and gain more points of progress, gifts and rewards provided by the game.

You can also improve and develop your own skills in using different weapons such as enhancing the accuracy of correction and controlling different weapons to get the highest possible effectiveness and the ability to succeed in carrying out tasks.

Additional details about downloading the Contra Strik Carbon game:-

It depends on moving from one site to another after downloading the Counter Strike Carbon game on a large group of maps that take place in a different play environment that gives the game a degree of diversity in terms of adventures, designs and environments, for example the first levels of the game take place in a map Dead Dost, which is located in the desert full of mountains, sandy heights and vast areas, as well as the destructive small structures that can be used to hide and attack enemies.

On the other hand, the famous maps in the game is the Dest Tom map, which takes place in limited spaces characterized by the mazes and narrow corridors.

The maps also vary between open areas and closed areas, such as the point of Pan Pan, which is in a giant building full of rooms and corridors during which you must move quickly and hide. In addition to the most popular map in the Country Strike game, which comes in this version with many improvements and developments, which is the Dest Tu map

Promotion and promotion:
You can download the Counter Strike Carbon game, the ability to customize and upgrade at different levels such as the ability to allocate the external form of the character you control while playing in terms of fashion, accessories and weapons accompanying that character, as well as the ability to allocate and upgrade weapons and provide them with additional functions and capabilities such as adding the endoscope to increase the accuracy of the correction Or fiery dispersal in addition to the possibility of purchasing more new weapons that provide a better effectiveness in hitting targets.

You can also continue in the game to upgrade your fighting skills, as it depends heavily on developing your own skills and gaining more experience in many areas such as the accuracy of correction, sniping and tactical thinking to catch the specific goals and you can reach this easily with playing.

The most important features of downloading Counter Strike Carbon for the computer:-

  • Excellent graphics and more accurate details compared to original versions.
    Various play modes, including individual and team play mode for more flexible options.
  • Multiple weapons available from them is appropriate for the player’s playing style.
  • The game contains various stages and gradient goals in difficulty, adding more challenge and suspense.
  • The publisher company is updating and upgrading the game continuously to improve the game of play in general.

Pictures from inside the game

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