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Download Creepet Vision for the computer from Media Fire

Download Creepet Vision for the computer from Media Fire
Download Creepet Vision for the computer from Media Fire

Download Creepy Vision for the computer, one of the new video games based on horror and excitement, the game depends on an entirely new idea and game that depends on reading the main character’s ideas KIM and your attempt to adapt to those ideas.

Where the main character lives in a frightening and terrifying dimension, and this dimension can be controlled by using her personal ideas, way of thinking and behaviors, so you must resist negative ideas in order to be able to control the frightening personal dimension of the main character and the latter can save them from the horror and fear factor in this factor.

Information about downloading Creeipy Vision for the computer:-

Graphics and effects:

Creepet Vision is characterized by realistic and impressive two -dimensional drawings and helps players integrate and live within the game’s story. The characters, playing environments, elements and details in the game appear as real and dominated by a dark dark appearance that raises terror and anticipation.

Especially since the game uses an artistic style called a dark drawing that depends on dark colors and facial expressions that suit the situation, and this includes both characters and playing environments.

In playing environments show the fine details of the interactive elements and supplementary elements that define the play environment, the game is also characterized by impressive visual and sound effects and suitable for different situations and the general atmosphere in the game.

The main goal and tasks:

Download Creeipy VISION is a major goal, which is to help the main KIM character to escape from the personal dimension full of terror, fear, dark colors and dark.

In order to be able to achieve this goal, you have to achieve several necessary and basic tasks such as solving puzzles, collecting symbols and elements, confronting enemies, and perhaps entering some of the fighting and moving through dangerous and horrific playing environments such as caves, dark forests and abandoned buildings, all in an attempt to escape from the personal dimension of the main personality that he has wherever you go wherever you go .

You will also find some enemies on your way, these enemies such as predators, monsters and evil spirits, and you must kill them and get rid of them so that you can complete your way to a safe place away from the frightening personal dimension that threatens the life of the main character and all this so that Kim’s personality can live a normal and calm life like normal persons.

Additional details about downloading Creeipy Vision:-

Facing enemies and fighting:

You will have to face many enemies in the game, these enemies may excel you in strength, resistance and the ability to fight so in order to be able to escape from the dark dimension of the main character. You will have to fight these enemies who are in your way.

These enemies may appear in the form of monsters in strange shapes and terrifying capabilities and can attack you from long or close distances and cause great damage that may hinder your ability to move forward with events.

These enemies can also appear in the form of familiar creatures such as predators or human forms and they are emerging of aggressive actions that are intended In order not to be affected by those traps.

Combat skills and weapons:

Creepy Vision download includes a variety of skills, combat capabilities and weapons that you can rely on in tasks that include fighting, including combat skills in the game include special strikes, which are quick and successive strikes that are implemented by the main character to damage the enemy.

Also, a rapid attack that targets enemies can be used quickly and to pay the consecutive strikes before they can return the strike. These strikes can be carried out using weapons, punches and kicks.

In addition, you can use different weapons in the game to fight enemies. These weapons include sword, bow, arrow, and magic stick. Of course, each of these weapons has the extent of its effectiveness, and combat skills and weapons can be upgraded with progress in play.

Transformation skills:

In downloading Creepy Vision you will be able to shift in a timely manner in order to be able to achieve the goals assigned to you, for example you can turn into a ghost and that ability will make you invisible for a temporary period of time and you can use it to hide from the eyes of the enemies.

You can also disappear in the dark and that special ability that you can rely on in the event that the enemies are surrounded You can enjoy the super speed for a temporary period to move from one point to another in a short time.

The most important features of downloading Creepy Vision for the computer:-

  • Technical style of graphics is dark and enhances the state of terror and anticipation.
  • The game follows the events of an exciting and interesting story.
  • There are many enemies in different forms and you should fight them.
  • The control method is easy and suitable for learning by all age groups.
  • The game combines puzzle solutions, platform games, environmental exploration and fighting.

Pictures from inside the game


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