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Download Dodo Peak game for compassed with a direct link

Download Dodo Peak game for compassed with a direct link
Download Dodo Peak game for compassed with a direct link

Download Dodo Peak game for the computer, it is one of the funny funny video games that you can control the small Dodo bird to take a set of wonderful amusing adventure Beautiful tropical to search for his eggs that were stolen by predators and evil pirates.

You must control the small bird and fly in all directions to search for eggs and try to restore them again and put them in a safe place, there is a group of puzzles that may sometimes be difficult to mention many interesting adventures that you can engage in and accomplish during the game levels.

Download the original PES 2011 PES for the computer from Media Fire

Information about downloading Dodo Peak game for computer:-

Graphics and effects:

Dodo Peak has 3D drawings of high quality and fun and striking colors that are covered with playing environments, characters and different elements as well as giving the game fun and beautiful game, especially since the designs of different characters and elements in the game and playing environments seem cartoon and humiliating.

The game environments are also characterized by diversity, beauty and scenic cartoon scenes, where some of the game events are located in a tropical island full of waterfalls, trees, bright natural lights, animals and foreign birds, and some levels revolve in sandy beaches and dense forests interspersed with attractive rivers and water bodies.

As for the effects of downloading Dodo Peak, it is full of vitality and adventure and enhances the atmosphere of entertainment and fun, especially sound effects and soundtracks that enhance the sense of adventure and interaction with the environment, movements and events.

Tasks and adventures:

The challenges and adventures in the game revolve around helping the Dodo to reach the stolen eggs by evil pirates and predators, in order to be able to reach the eggs. And resolve many puzzles that may be difficult at some levels.

The game includes many exciting tasks and challenges, such as collecting some of the required elements at each level, you have to search accurately in the play environment in order to access the required elements in the player user board at each level, from the necessary tasks also after downloading the Dodo Peak game access to some sites Specified on the game map or activating certain mechanisms to open the doors, corridors and new sites in the play environment.

Some challenges will require interaction with the environment differently from the flight, which is the basic means of navigation in the game, as you sometimes have to climb, jump, slip, overcome obstacles and many other fun things that you can do to achieve the goals of the game levels.

Otherwise, some levels include fighting and challenge from the enemies of pirates or other predators, you must overcome these enemies by avoiding them and hiding them or by going to direct the direct fighting with them, and of course these challenges will increase as you get ahead of play but you will be able Improving your performance and capabilities in achieving goals and achieving tasks by completing the enjoyable side tasks that require creative thinking to face challenges and save the Dodo eggs.

Additional details about downloading Dodo Peak from Media Fire:-

Patterns of play :

Download the Dodo Peak game for the computer contains different gameplay patterns that help in adding a variety of gameplay and more challenges and fun. The story mode is the primary play mode that includes entertaining adventure The game is in addition to some of the fighting tasks and adventures that you have to overcome and accomplish to reach the ultimate goal.

In addition to the challenge situation in which the player is assigned to hold increasing challenges in the level of difficulty, such as achieving the goals of the level during a specific period of time or searching for elements in the play environment and other things. This pattern requires intelligence and speed of intuition to achieve the best results.

You can also enjoy discovering the picturesque playing environment and the great diversity in it through exploration mode where you can walk in secret places and solve puzzles and search and find gifts and surprises that you can use to upgrade and develop your skills inside Team cooperative play mode.

Play goals:

There is a great diversity in the goals that you must do with the download of Dodo Peak to win the levels and this diversity in turn enhances the exciting and fun game experience, your primary goal at all levels is to achieve requests by using your available skills such as flying, jumping, slipping and entering the narrow places But you also have to avoid obstacles and reach peace to the desired end point at each level.

While flying and moving to reach the end point, try to collect as possible as possible of the Dodo -spread eggs all over, you should collect the largest possible number before you reach the end.

Knowing that while you are trying to move and collect eggs, you will face many challenges, obstacles, enemies and difficult puzzles.

The most important features of downloading Dodo Peak game for the computer:-

  • An easy and intuitive control system through the control buttons that appear on the screen.
  • Great rewards and gifts system stimulates the player to continue playing.
  • Not only does the gameplay to move, but you should use intelligence to achieve the goals of the levels.
  • The game offers multiple gameplay patterns that you can choose from or try all of them.
  • There are many great play environments in the game that you can explore and interact with the elements that appear in them freely.

Pictures from inside the game

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