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Download Everdream Valley game for the computer with a direct link

Download Everdream Valley game for the computer with a direct link
Download Everdream Valley game for the computer with a direct link

Download the game EverDream Valley, is one of the happy farm game similar to the Happy Farm game where you have in the initial stages of the game to manage a small field and get the resources needed to grow some important crops and take care of farm animals in order to be able to sell these products below and gain more financial profits, Your goal in the game is to expand your farm as much as possible in order to be able to grow more pills and crops that are sold with a greater financial value, which in turn can make more profits and expand more.

Everdream Valley is a two -dimensional game developed by an independent games development company in the name of Everdream. The game is characterized by the charming fictional virtual world that is filled with great details and views that you can explore, interact with and use to develop your own farm.

Download the original Tecken 3 game for the computer from Media Fire

Information about downloading Everdream Valley game for the computer:-

Graphics and effects:
Everdream Valley is characterized by quiet drawings that enhance the relaxation and psychological comfort of the beautiful green farm atmosphere that degrades water bodies from all directions and is adorned with scenic landscapes, trees, birds and vast green areas.

The scenery drawings and designs in the game are characterized by bright biomus colors and fine details, all with comfortable and warm designs for the eye, which enhances the general game atmosphere.

As for the visual and sound effects, it is also very carefully designed to enhance the player’s experience in general, especially with the microscopic simulation of animal and wind sounds, water flow, surrounding sounds of birds, transplantation, branches, branches of trees, and other beautiful sounds that mix with homogeneity with the rear soundtrack in the game scenes.

Tasks to be done:
Enjoy the download of the Everdream Valley game for the computer with many tasks that you must take care of and make your priorities, one of the most prominent of these tasks is the following:-

Crops: You should grow a variety of crops, provide care and attention to those crops by watering them at appropriate times, soil fertilization, cutting the following papers, pesticide spray and other matters needed to produce high -quality agricultural crops.

Farm animal breeding and care: You can increase the production of the farm by raising a group of animals such as cows, buffalo, chicken, sheep and caring for them, providing appropriate food for them and the comfortable environment, as well as medications and health care in order to grow healthy and produce wool, meat, milk and egg products.

Wisdom Resources Management: You must manage the resources available to you in the game wisely these resources include fertilizers, water, energy, fodder and other elements needed to care for the farm and animals.

Building facilities:

After downloading the Everdream Valley game, you can build different facilities on the farm such as warehouses, irrigation stations, water basins and barns, promote them and work to remain in good condition to increase their efficiency.

Explore the surrounding lands

You can explore the agricultural lands surrounding you to know whether or not those lands are suitable for expanding your farm area.

Side tasks:

The game includes some side tasks that you can do to get more progress points and bonuses in the form of financial currencies that you can use below to upgrade the status of tools, installations and crops you have.

Additional details about downloading Everdream Valley:-

Agricultural crops and animals:
Everdream Valley includes a variety of agricultural crops such as vegetables, fruits and seeds such as wheat, corn, barley, legumes and herbs such as parsley and rosemary It is sold for a greater amount of money, as well as every crop that needs different care from the other and a different frequency in watering and other important matters that you must take care of to produce a high quality crop.

As for the animals that can be raised on the farm after downloading the Everdream Valley game for the computer, it includes chicken, cows, sheep, goats, pigs, and every type of these animals needs different feed from the other, as well as veterinary care and environmental conditions

Awards and gifts:
The Everdream Valley game offers many rewards and promotional prizes when you can complete the tasks required of you at each level successfully, you can use these prizes and gifts to develop your farm status and agricultural crops in it as well Complete the daily and side tasks at each level and these points help significantly flourish the state of the farm.

You can also earn virtual currencies by selling your production from the farm, whether that production is agricultural crops, organic fertilizers or animal products. These virtual currencies can be used below to buy more equipment and promotions that improve and develop your farm condition.

The most important features of downloading Everdream Valley game for the computer:-

  • Special and side tasks you can do to make more profit.
  • Diversity in agricultural crops you can grow.
  • Dynamic visual effects that simulate the succession of the day and night and weather changes for more realism.
  • Biblical drawings and designs show the smallest details in the play environment.
  • The possibility of making allocation on the appearance of the farm, animals and facilities in order to reflect the player’s personality and preferences.

Pictures from inside the game

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