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Download LEFT 4 DEAD 1 game for compact Media Fire

Download LEFT 4 DEAD 1 game for compact Media Fire
Download LEFT 4 DEAD 1 game for compact Media Fire

Download LEFT 4 DEAD 1 game for Media Fire with a size of 2.86 GB, farewell to the brutal zombies hordes within a team of 4 players to survive your life in a huge city full of hundreds of zombies who have various supernatural abilities that make them eliminate them very difficult, and they also attack me The shape of regiments and in large numbers, which makes it more complicated.

A 4 Dead game is one of the great horror games from the perspective of the first person, as it has good graphics and unique visual and sound effects that make the game atmosphere very scary, and it also contains a variety of firearms and quarrel weapons, and it was developed in 2008 on the Microsoft operating system Windows, Mac and Xbox 360.

Information about downloading LEFT 4 Dead 1 game for computer:-

Play style:
The player controls one of the four -to -playing characters in the city of Verfield in Pennsylvania, where a dangerous virus called green flu has spread, a highly infected virus that includes severe human symptoms, loss of consciousness, destruction of body cells and acquisition of supernatural capabilities.

After downloading the LEFT 4 Dead 1 game, the player faces groups of injured people who attack people who are not infected by simply seeing them in an attempt to kill them or transmit the infection to them, which requires a great skill from the player, knowing that it is possible to wander freely without any restrictions but within the path A certain in the city to overcome the level and reach the next level.

The game ‘District 4 Dead’ includes 5 levels of varying difficulty, and the goal at each level is to reach a specific point in the city by following a specific path, and the challenge lies in exceeding hundreds of zombies along the path, and can be overcome using firearms and bombs of all kinds and weapons of engagement Knowing that new weapons are opened with progress at levels.

Characters :
There are 4 main characters who are playable each with their unique appearance and different back

More details about the Dad 1 game for the computer:-

There are 10 various firearms that can be used after downloading LEFT 4 Dead, and they are distinguished from each other in terms of fire density, ability to cause damage, maximum extent, recreation speed and ammunition store capacity, such as AWM sniping gun, light AK 47 and M16 and a fishing rifle of type Tactical Shotgun.

There is also a full LEFT 4 Dead 1 game download for the computer with a variety of wonderful quarrel weapons, including the scourge, shovel, golf stick, scythe, fire ax, sword, baseball and electrical saw, in addition to the fixed heavy machine guns that can be used but cannot be carried Stir it from one place to another.

There are many types of equipment such as three types of bombs, including hand grenades, phosphorous and tubular bombs, in addition to fuel barrels scattered in the play environment, which can be bombed by shooting them as soon as LEFT 4 Dead download on the computer, which causes severe damage to zombies There is also a game that drew 4 Dead first aid bags that restore the player to his health.

Zombies creatures:
There are five types of zombies and each of them has its own capabilities and unique attacks that must be dealt with for sure, as some use the weapons of fighting in the attack on the survivors, while others explode when shooting them, in addition to types that are characterized by their sudden rapid attacks.

The most important features of downloading Left 4 Dead 1:-

  • 4 Dead has a very sophisticated intelligence.
    Many levels include varying difficulty.
  • A huge and realistic play environment and high -resolution graphics.
  • A great diversity in the capabilities of the offensive zombie organisms.
  • It includes many types of machine guns and sniping rifles.

Pictures from within LEFT 4 Dead game

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