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Download Left 4 DEAD 2 for the computer from Media Fire for free

Download Left 4 DEAD 2 for the computer from Media Fire for free
Download Left 4 DEAD 2 for the computer from Media Fire for free

Download Left 4 DEAD 2 game for compact 2 GB, 4 Dead 2 drew one of the horror games and shooting from the wonderful person’s first perspective, I got many improvements that distinguished it from the first version and the most prominent of which is the remarkable improvement of graphic, in addition to developing the correction system and adding weapons and characters New.

LEFT 4 Dead 2 is adapted from a famous movie with the same name and was developed and presented to users by Valve Corporation in 2010 on the Microsoft Windows, Mac and Xbox 360 operating system and it is a complementary version of the first part but in a completely new dress that made it more realistic.

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New characters:
The player chooses one of 4 armed personalities with a strong group of firearms in addition to a group of different bombs and many important medical elements, where these survivors are on the task of surviving and defending themselves in front of hundreds of zombies or the dead, which is not an easy task In light of their large numbers.

These survivors did not suffer from infection for an unknown reason, and they met each other by chance and decided to face the challenges together, namely the sports coach, Alice, Nick and finally the girl Roshil, and each of them has a unique personality and appearance that distinguishes from jealousy, and each character has certain preferences for weapons.

Modern weapons:
There are two types of weapons inside the dreamer of 4 Dead 2, which are firearms and weapons of engagement, some of which are limited to certain levels such as bomber and M60 machine guns that have a 100 -round ammunition store in addition to AK47 and M16 offensive guns, other than other weapons such as hunting rifles and pistols of all kinds , You can see more after downloading the complete LEFT 4 Dead 2 game for the computer.

On the level of clash weapons, there is also a large group of them, the most prominent of which are the electrical saw, the pan, the shovel, the baseball, the ax, the guitar, the many other weapons that can be relied upon after the end of the ammunition.

Unlike weapons, there are also bombs and they are very effective against zombies, and there are several types of them, which are explosive bombs, yellow bomb and tubular bomb, which issues a high sound that attracts zombies and then explodes to kill them all, and it can also be a player in the event of oxygen tanks and explosive barrels In the surrounding environment, lead to it to detonate it.

More about the Dad 2 drew game on the computer:

Playing arenas:
It is cities, swamps and tombs free from any survivors only containing thousands of zombies and giant monsters, and the playgrounds are designed distinctively to look realistic to the maximum degree possible, it is worth noting that you will notice that most areas after downloading the LEFT 4 Dead 2 game for the computer does not have lighting In this case, players depend on manual lights or installed on weapons.

They are natural human beings, but they were afflicted with a virus called green flu. This virus converts them into non -human beings that have a great power to destroy and kill everyone who interferes its path, and this disease provides them with supernatural abilities that make it difficult to face these creatures, each zombie differs from the other in size and strength even Some of them expand to the maintenance, wrapping around the cigarette of the victim and pulling it.

The danger of these monsters lies in their huge preparation because they are attacking in the form of successive regiments very quickly and without warning, which makes it difficult for the task of eliminating them after downloading the LEFT 4 Dead 2 game on the computer, not to mention its ability to jump and climb buildings, which enables them to attack in different ways quickly Great, which requires the players to cooperate with each other to confront the zombies.

Play situations:
There are 5 different play situations in a game that drew 4 Dead 2 for each style of its own challenges such as the campaign style, which is a pattern in which the four survivors are their way to confront zombies, in this style friends can play online with the Internet, knowing that in the event of interruption of the Internet from one of the team members Artificial intelligence automatically controls the character instead of the player, unlike the individual play situation in which artificial intelligence controls the three other characters from the beginning of the stage.

It is worth noting that the survival pattern is inside the siege of the players in a small part of the map and they have to address the successive zombies, and finally a 4 -year -old style, which is a multi -player mode over the Internet with a maximum of 8 players, each of 4 players, including a team of survivors and a team of injured, is done Exchange of roles for a number of tours.

The most important features of downloading LEFT 4 Dead 2 for the computer:

  • A new and developed group of firearms and engagement weapons.
  • The first appearance of a number of playable characters and monsters as well.
  • Many of the player’s positions number up to 5 conditions.
  • Ultra -accurate fees and realistic effects to a large degree.
  • Multiple confrontations online.
  • You do not need great possibilities to work.

Pictures from inside the game

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