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Download LifeEESS Moon for the computer from Media Fire

Download LifeEESS Moon for the computer from Media Fire
Download LifeEESS Moon for the computer from Media Fire

Download LifeEESS Moon for the computer, it is a game of adventures for all space lovers, planets and adventures on the surface This is the fate of the former exploratory team that established the base.

The game belongs to the category of adventure, horror, fighting and puzzles games and has a very wonderful and accurate 3D graphics that are designed to enhance the horror and ambiguity atmosphere that the game aims, this game supports the individual player’s position only as you have to use your exploratory skills and intelligence so that you can stay on a restriction Life under harsh conditions and the detection of the frightening facts of this space base.

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The game has three -dimensional drawings and a precise and detailed environment that will make you feel as if you have already moved to the moon’s surface, especially with the playing feature from the perspective of the first person that will put you in the heart In the game, you will control the character of Nathan, an explorer and a space scientist who was attached to the task of exploring that deserted space base and deciphering it.

The game deals with an individual play mode, that is, there will be no other personalities to cooperate or compete with during adventure From receiving voice messages and conversations by the Al -Qaeda Center on the surface of the earth and these messages and data will help you understand the development of events and the story’s hidden more clearly.

Adventures and missions:
There are many mysterious and exciting adventures and tasks that you must go after downloading the Lifeless Moon game to achieve the goals of the levels, at the beginning you have to explore the deserted space base, dismantle its puzzles and learn about its secrets, as you will face a series of tasks and goals to reveal the facts and solve the puzzles of that rule to advance at levels.

The tasks in the game include search and assembly of elements and evidence that may be useful, where you can use these evidence and elements to open doors and traffic to new areas that carry more puzzles and secrets, as well as you must solve complex puzzles and interact with the surrounding environment to find additional information or resources From it to complete your journey inside the space base.

It will not be free of different obstacles and challenges as you may deal with strange space creatures such as monsters and aggressive creatures that threaten your life, use your strategic skills and intelligence to overcome these creatures in light of the limited resources available to you and continue to play.

Additional details about the download of Lifeels Moon:-

Equipment and tools:
As we mentioned earlier, the playing style after downloading the Lifeels Moon game depends on exploration and use of intelligence to solve puzzles and get out of the various pharmacists, so the game provides a variety of important tools that you can use while you achieve levels Using it to get some lighting in dark places to clarify the hidden paths for you and the mysterious secrets it contains, as well as there are some different tools that you can use to open closed doors and enter new sites and places in the game.

You can get support and some help in the game by communicating with the base on the surface Or suspicious activities in the surrounding environment so that you can avoid its risks and interact in a safe and safe way with it.

Risks and threats:
There are many risks and threats that you will face in downloading the Lifeels Moon game for the computer. Of course, you can expect this in light of that mysterious and frightening environment that you must discover while playing, from the first risks and difficulties that you will face is the cruelty of the environment around you where space storms and harsh weather conditions That may threaten your life and lead you to perish, not to mention frightening unknown creatures such as monsters and different aggressive creatures that will appear on your way suddenly you must be careful because these creatures may wait for you for long times before you attack you.

The space base may also contain some obstacles and traps designed to end your life or impeding your progress at the levels so you have to be careful, as well as a lack of resources that is a big problem you have to deal with as you must provide important elements to survive such as oxygen, food, organized water and good management So that you are enough for long periods, but remember that all these risks and obstacles will help you to progress and improve your abilities and skills in the game.

The most important features of downloading the Lifeless Moon game for the computer:-

  • The game has amazing designs and drawings that help increase realism and integrate the player with events.
  • The game offers an exciting and interesting story that drives players to continue playing and revealing secrets.
  • The game features sound effects and graphic music that enhances terror and mystery.
  • You can choose between multiple levels of difficulty depending on your level of play and as much as the challenge you want to get.
  • The gameplay in the game is fully interactive, as you can move the items, search and identify it.

Pictures from inside the game

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