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Download Need for Speed ​​Carbon from Media Fire for free

Download Need for Speed ​​Carbon from Media Fire for free
Download Need for Speed ​​Carbon from Media Fire for free

Download the game Need for Speed ​​Carbon for the computer from Media Fire with a size of 3.66 GB, prepare to participate in major events held in the city of Belmont and with a group of the most skilled contestants ever, in addition to a wide range of wonderful cars, along with many realistic race tracks to a large extent largely .

There are many great features that distinguish the Nid for Speed ​​game: Carbon from previous versions, as it includes completely new races and unique types of cars, and it also has high -performance graphics, along with many visual and sound effects that give the player a feeling of realism.

Information about downloading Need for Speed ​​Carbon game from Media Fire:-

the cars :
Cars are divided after downloading the Ned For Speed ​​Carbon game into three levels, the first level includes cars with low capabilities, while the second level includes medium -performance cars, and finally the third level includes the most advanced cars ever, knowing that some cars get the player as rewards in a position The story and others can be purchased from the store.

After downloading the Need for Speed ​​Carbon, the player can buy many parts of performance to improve the maximum speed of the car or improve acceleration and many other things such as brakes that stop the car at a lower distance after its promotion, as well Harsh curves.

Not only in Ned For Speed: Carbon is to allocate performance parts only, as the player can also customize some visual parts related to appearance, in addition to changing the color of the car and choosing from a wide range of colors or creating a new color, as well as the ability to adjust the interior of the car and its frames Thus, things related to appearance.

Palmont City:
It is a fictional city that includes 4 different regions connected to a range of highways that are used as paths of illegal races, and it is also surrounded by three valleys that also host some races, not to mention many urban buildings, stores, gas stations, etc., and it is worth noting that all the races are held After downloading the Ned For Speed ​​Carbon game for the computer, it is only during the night.

Types of races in Ned For Speed: Carbon for Computer:-

Circuit race:
The circuit race is one of the wonderful competitive races, and it is named by this name because the paths that embrace this type of race are circular in shape, as a group of players race in a closed circuit track, and the player who achieves the number of windings required first is the winner, knowing that the city contains 22 fields It can be held on this type, all this and more just after downloading the complete Need for Speed ​​Carbon game from Media Fire.

Hasmet race:
In this type of racing inside Nid for Speed: Carbon is seeking to escape from the police, which requires a lot of skill due to the widespread deployment of police cars in the city, along with the fixed security points on most roads, and police talks can be heard via the radio as the player is alerted When a police car approaches his car.

Draft Race:
This type of racing is limited to skilled and experienced drivers, as the competition depends after downloading the game NED For Speed ​​Carbon for the computer on points in the first place unlike most other races, and the contestants can collect points through the ‘drifting’ slide during the race, which requires a lot of The skill results in amazing magic clips.

Time race:
It is one of the wonderful individual races located in the game of Nid for Speed: Carbon, where a specific point is determined on the map and a specific time is set, and the player must reach the specified point before the time ends to win the race, and it should be noted that the player is freedom to choose the path that must be To take it to reach the important point that is the important thing to reach before the end time ends.

The most important positives download the Need for Speed ​​Carbon game for the computer:-

  • For many cars, some of which are free of charge.
  • Many types of enthusiastic competitive races of the maximum degree.
  • The ability to upgrade the parts of the car related to performance and appearance.
  • A vast urban city that includes many race tracks.
  • All the sounds of the car engines are amazingly realistic.

Pictures from inside the game

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