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Download PEAKS of Yore for the computer from Media Fire for free

Peaks of Yore for the computer, it is a game for all fans of mountain climbing and adventures where you must in the game climb a series of high mountains, but this involves a lot of risks and obstacles and you must use your skills to overcome these risks and complete your career in the mountain.

You can use the rules of physics and some auxiliary factors such as pegs and ropes to be able to reach the ultimate goal, which is the top of the mountain, as well as you must be guarded by natural factors such as changing the weather and pressure at high levels as well as the various terrain in the mountains

Information about downloading Peaks of Yore for the computer:-

Graphics and effects:

Peaks of Yore is characterized by two -dimensional but precise, detailed and realistic drawings, as rocks and plants appear in shapes that are closest to the truth, thanks to the colors and shades that create a realistic atmosphere and drawings that mimic the truth, not to mention the effects such as wind, snow, cracks or small protesters in Mountains, shades and ritual changes that make the atmosphere more realistic.

Play style:

The playing style after downloading Peaks of Yore depends on the rules of physics, where you should use realistic climbing movements.

You will control the character of the mountain climber using the keyboard and mouse for a variety of movements for climbing, such as jumping. You can use the secure jumps in the game to reach higher points.

These elements will help you to maintain balance and not to fall, as well as sometimes you will have to move through narrow rocks or cracks and you can sometimes use crawling movements and infiltration to move during those narrow areas.

Sometimes you can make walking movements on the ropes to pass through large gaps between the mountains, but in all cases you must change the environmental factors and the effects surrounding your interest because the weather is enough to affect your jump and find yourself falling from a significant height while trying to climb to the top.

Additional details about downloading Peaks of Yore:-


Peaks of Yore includes many difficult challenges, especially that the weather and change factors make the climb task more difficult. Also, sometimes you will have to find new ways to climb in difficult, very slope places, and this is considered one of the most difficult challenges in the game and you must use your creative thinking to reach effective ways using the climbing tools available to you to pass through those difficult sites and reach the top of the mountain in end of the day.

Not to mention the tasks of climbing mountains in the darkness of the night, as the darkness is one of the factors that make climbing more difficult and dangerous, and you have to be careful after downloading the Peaks of Yore game for each step that you take in order not to fall into the bottom and lose your development at the level.

In addition, sometimes you will have to continue to advance towards the top during fatal snowstorms, these storms may greatly affect your ability to move and advance towards the top and you need different caveats in order not to be affected and fall and to be able to maintain your progress levels where the storms are considered to be the storms Snow is one of the most prominent challenges that you will face while playing.

At some levels, you will have to perform climbing tasks without any auxiliary factors such as ropes and pegs, and this may be very difficult and need to plan and think about a strategy to continue to make progress.

Risks :

Of course, the challenges in downloading Peaks of Yore include many risks that surround you at all times such as falling, injury and death, if you happen and your focus in any second during climbing tasks may end up with the fall and injury that may lead to death and loss of progress At the level and having to start again.

Especially with the difficult challenges that you will face, such as sharp weather fluctuations, snowstorms, cracks and highly slope areas and having to climb without using auxiliary tools.

The harsh weather is one of the most prominent factors during which you should be careful because snowstorms and rain may make the slopes in the mountains more slippery, which increases the risk of falling and injury, especially if you have to climb during these circumstances without using auxiliary tools such as ropes and pegs to maintain your balance.

The most important features of downloading Peaks of Yore for the computer:-

  • The game uses a realistic style that depends on the laws of physics in movement and external effects.
  • Drawings, influences and realistic challenges enhance the experience of play and integration with events.
  • The challenges in the game are very difficult, such as climbing mountains during difficult weather conditions and the darkness of the night.
  • The possibility of using some means of climbing, such as ropes and pegs.
  • The possibility of making many movements such as jumping and crawling to climb mountains and reach the top.

Pictures from inside the game


Download Peaks of Yore for the computer from Media Fire

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