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Download PES 2016 PES for the original computer with Arab comment

Download PES 2016 PES for the original computer with Arab comment
Download PES 2016 PES for the original computer with Arab comment

Download PES 2016 PES for the computer from Media Fire in the Arab comment, Pro Efforn Soccer 2016 has received many important developments that have pushed the realism to an unprecedented level, as it got high -resolution interactive drawings and the speed of the players’ response to the user’s orders has become more accurate and fast, all these factors It contributed greatly to increasing the level of realism.

The developments in PES 2016 not only the transfers of the players and new deals, but also included the appearance of players, dodges, clothes, artificial intelligence, football physics, tactics, matches and training options, along with many new technologies and many things that in turn formed a qualitative shift in the history of the Pace Games series.

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Information about download PES 2016 PES for the computer:-

What’s new in PES 2016?
The 2016 Pro Foulosh Caker got a completely new dynamic engine, in addition to a new collision and improved artificial intelligence that includes dozens of smart individual decisions that make the team players work together as one unit, and all players have been embodied so that they correspond to their counterparts in fact in terms of appearance, skills and personality as well .

The improved realistic physics has played a greater role in the accuracy of passing and paying, and the weather in PES 2016 affects the accuracy of the shot next to the player’s position and his skills and other important factors, which means that the user after downloading PES 2016 for the computer must take into account the speed, direction and capabilities of the player during the payment to ensure obtaining An ideal shot that is dangerous for the opponent’s goal.

The 2016 Pro Fouloshn Soccer contains 27 licensed teams, including 8 new licenses, including Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Wolfsburg, Borussia Dortmund, Monchengladbach, Benfica and Sporting Lisbon, in addition to all clubs in the Dutch League, Brazilian League and many other clubs that have been added and you can enjoy immediately Download PES 2016 game.

Enjoy playing matches on 16 licensed stadiums, such as the Old Trafford, San Siro, St. Jacob, Beira Rio stadium and a large list of stadiums that you can enjoy after downloading PES 2016, and each of them distinguishes it from others in terms of green grass, fans seats, stadium capacity and dressing rooms And the entry corridor to the stadium.

More details about the Pro Foulushion Soccer 2016:-

Goalkeeper :
The goalkeeper center in particular witnessed a great development in PES 2016, where they became more intelligent and elevible goalkeepers than ever thanks to artificial intelligence that makes the goalkeeper move well in the penalty area, which makes confrontation of shots easier, add to The goalkeeper control has become deeper and more comprehensive.

One of the new factors in the 2016 Pro Foulosh Caker is the difference in the criteria that the referees follow in calculating errors and managing the match in general, knowing that estimating errors varies from one judgment to another, which means that there are some errors that may see a ruling that they require a warning while The other sees that it is natural interventions and does not require any administrative penalty, and you can notice this after loading PES 2016 from Media Fire with the Arab comment.

Tactics options were developed in PES 2016 to the point that allows the user to control the allowed limit for each player to move on the field, as well as the defensive and offensive roles that he performs to serve the team, knowing that the movement of players has become very smart and there is no longer any random as it was in the past, especially the line Defense.

After downloading the 2016 PES 2016 game from Media Fire, a different tactics, such as offensive, defensive and balanced tactics, can also give some players additional roles alongside their main roles, taking into account that this affects the player’s physical rate, and the attackers are recommended in the last quarter of the match Because this will make the strikers’ performance better against the exhausted opponent team defenders.

Matches options:
Pro Eftochin Soccer 2016 managed to allocate matches in the way that suits him, including the effects of the weather, the number of allowed alterations, the stadium, the referee, the team, and the speed of the match, in addition to the ability to activate the penalty kicks or additional runs when the match ends in a draw, and the impact of the rate can also be activated Physical for players with weather and vice versa.

The most important features of download PES 2016 for the computer:-

  • Arabic voice comment with the voice of the most famous Arab commentators.
  • It includes 16 global stadiums that can play matches.
  • Players with real skills that actually coincide with their counterparts.
  • The masses interact with magic dodgers and arbitration decisions.
  • Unprecedented smoothness in the movement of players and a faster response to orders.

Pictures from inside the Pro Efforn Soccer 2016

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