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Download Phasmophobia for the computer from Media Fire for free

Download Phasmophobia for the computer from Media Fire for free
Download Phasmophobia for the computer from Media Fire for free

Download Phasmophobia for the computer from Media Fire in the size of 7 GB, the PHasmophobia Ghost Game is one of the latest horror games that has become very famous in a short time thanks to its unprecedented level of terror, excitement and ambiguity, developed by the British company Kinetic Games, working on the system Operating Microsoft Windows and also supports the virtual reality system.

As soon as you enter the play environment, you will face many tasks aimed at conducting some investigations and tracking the facts and evidence to catch ghosts and the jinn that are filled with a house and the family of this house really would like to enjoy living in peace without harassment and constant horror of these ghosts and the colonial objects of the facility, so you attend For a real test of your courage and emotional stability in Phasmophobia.

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the way of playing :
Phasmophobia combines the character of terror, survival and adventure at the same time, your main task in the game is to hunt ghosts and frightening spirits that take a site, this site may be in the form of a service or residential building, or the site may be in the form of a forest or a large desert, which increases Difficulty levels.

You must follow the instructions shown to you at the beginning of each level after downloading the PHasmophobia game for the computer in order to be able to collect the evidence that will ultimately reveal the nature and type of ghost that chases it, and whether it is one ghost or a group of them, this matter is of great importance, when you get to know the nature of the enemy Who faces you from behind a curtain will be able to draw a clear picture of the optimal how to hunt and rid the place of its evils completely.

mission :
Phasmophobia allows you to play adventures individually against the computer or in partnership with your friends with a maximum of four people, as you will appear to you at the beginning of each level of a set of tasks and purposes that you must collect in order to be able to decipher the mystery that brings you closer to rhythm with ghosts surrounding you without To escape from you.

Remember that these ghosts follow you in all your steps and movements, and they are fully aware of the plans you weave in order to sign them, so be always at a high level of care, confidentiality and dribbling in order to be able to carry out tasks and open the ban on new maps and thus upgrade levels after downloading Phasmophobia to the computer.

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Play environment:
Each level takes place in a different environment of 9 players to play, each of them varies in terms of tasks, difficulty levels, risk and terror, between abandoned homes, psychological clinics, prisons, farms, forests and abandoned school buildings will move in search of ghosts and any evidence that can lead you to them safely without harm.

To strengthen the character of the camp on all levels of Phasmophobia, it is often the only lighting source in the levels is a dim lighting of a candle or a handlight it carries while moving to search for the purposes and evidence required of you on the map, ghosts may be eaten when they feel your approaches and extinguish this source The only lighting, and here you must follow your intuition to stay safe while you are continuing to continue to solve the puzzle and get rid of these ghosts and jinn.

Characters :
The player can choose from 8 characters for the most famous ghost hunters, each of these characters has their own skills, but the real difference is in appearance, and it is also distinguished in downloading Phasmophobia to the computer is the ability to make some adjustments to the external appearance of the characters after they are chosen, To make it easier for players to get to know each other in the team playing style.

Auxiliary tools:
The levels are running in the ‘PHASMOPHOBIA’ ghost game with a system of completing tasks and obtaining financial prizes in return, so you can use this money to buy more tools that may help you more in ghosts and complete the next tasks, the appropriate tools are determined for each site on a white board in the hallway The facility, choose the required tools that are required with your money amount in your possession and these tools will be loaded in your own car to start work.

The most important features of downloading Phasmophobia for the computer:-

  • The player can choose from 3 levels of difficulty.
  • There are 20 ghosts, each of which differs in behavior and requirements to catch them.
  • There are side tasks that the player can complete for more money.
  • Ghost hunting game provides some limited aids to learn the type of ghost.
  • Ghosts are dodging when the player’s health is complete, and when they are decreased, they
  • are attacked for the purpose of killing.

Pictures from inside Phasmophobia

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