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Download Pizza Possum for the computer from Media Fire for free

Download Pizza Possum for the computer from Media Fire for free
Download Pizza Possum for the computer from Media Fire for free

Download the Pizza Possum game for the computer, it is one of the action games that follows a nice, fun and fun style to perform adventures, the game was developed and published by Cosy Computer in 2023 and it works on various console devices such as Ninzi Switch, PlayStation and Xbox.

In Pizza Possum, you will control the cute and beautiful opusum animal. And owners of restaurants from which you steal food.

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Graphics and effects:

Pizza Possum is characterized by beautiful drawings and helps to feel fun and integrate with events and adventures, where the play environment, testicles and animals in the game are designed in a nice artistic style, bright and different colors and cartoon shapes.

The game uses a two -dimensional artistic style with the characters and details of the playing environment manually drawn, as the characters feature nice designs and fine details, while the playing environment is characterized by bright colors and vibrant details that help create an atmosphere full of fun and excitement.

As for the visual effects in downloading the game Pizza Possum, it is simple but effective in enhancing the general fun atmosphere at the levels, as the game is characterized by simple visual effects that follow the movements of different characters in the game, as well as when interacting with the different elements in the play environment, as well as the sound effects are also simple but wonderful In strengthening the state of integration with events and adventures and a feeling of dribbling in the events of the game.

Play style:

The style of playing in the Pizza Possum game depends on action and hide as you have the task of stealing as much food as possible from the various restaurants in the city, but without the guard dogs seeing you because these dogs will chase you until they hold you and attack you violently, which leads to your loss in the game Therefore, I enjoy stealing delicious food from local restaurants such as pizza, sweets, vegetables and meat, but beware of monitoring the guard dogs of the owners of those restaurants so that they do not fall prey to them.

You will be able to move the main personality you control over the level the game.

You can also use the feature of hiding when chasing the guard dogs for you, you will be able to hide in the shadows or behind the different things or inside the inclusion and under the elements of the playing environment, the concealment is your perfect defensive method so that you do not enter into a clash with the guard dogs or else the fierce chase that will force you to force you Violent confrontation that will result in a lot of harm or the use of your strategies in running and hiding until the guard dogs remain their way.

Additional details about downloading Pizza Possum:-

Play environment description:

Pizza Possum has an impressive diversity in playing environments, all of which are vibrant and include accurate and realistic details, including environments in which adventures will go into homes, gardens, streets and shops.

As you may enter the homes of strangers that differ from being large, small, luxurious and luxurious in order to be able to steal delicious food, you will also take some of the adventures of running and escaping from the guard dogs in the city streets where the speedy cars, advertising signs, passers -by and different hideouts.

Some adventures also revolve after downloading the Pizza Possum game for the computer in the public parks in the game, including large gardens and jealousy. These gardens are distinguished by the diversity of flowers, plants and trees in them, which gives beauty to the play environment, not to mention the restaurants and shops that the Abusum animal will enter into control. To steal food and rapid escape.

Rewards and allocations:

Of course, as is known in video games, you will get an incentive set of rewards in exchange for completing tasks or collecting elements in the specified time period for each goal. These rewards include delicious food, cash pieces and obtaining new skills for escaping and dribbling.

If you get food as a reward for achieving levels of levels, you will be able to upgrade your obosic animal skills, by nourishing this food or selling it for money and buying new skills for this money.

Unlike the skills, you can buy fashion and make allocations on the external appearance of the main character in the game for the money you gain at the levels, as well as you can upgrade the skills of hiding and escaping from the guard dogs so that you can complete your tasks safely without being caught.

The most important features of downloading Pizza Possum for the computer:-

  • Playing style is full of action, excitement and fun, where you must hide and escape the guard dogs.
  • High -quality dillers with cheerful and different colors that give a fun atmosphere to the game.
  • Diversity in playing environments in which adventures revolve from homes, restaurants, streets and gardens.
  • Pizza Possum offers many rewards for players when completing the tasks required at an appropriate time.
  • The possibility of playing in the individual or cooperative situation and sharing fun with friends.

Pictures from inside the game

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