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Download Road Rash game for the computer from Media Fire

Download Road Rash game for the computer from Media Fire
Download Road Rash game for the computer from Media Fire

Download Rod Rush game for the 37 MB Media Fire, be among 16 contestants in the West United States to conflict first place and win the race, enjoy the Road Rash game with a set of exceptional races, where you can use white weapons such as a stick or the iron chain in order The rival is one of the legislative methods in the race.

The Road Rash game was developed more than once by the American company Electronic Arts, which released this best version of the game in 1995, where the first version of the Rod Rush game was released on the SEGA platform and then to the PlayStation 1, and finally the game is simulated on computers to work On Microsoft Windows operating system.

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Information about downloading Rod Rush for computer:-

The idea of ​​the game:
If you are not able to overcome all the contestants and win the race through the traditional racing style, you can use violent tricks and methods towards your opponents of the contestants in order to win and get prizes to develop your motorcycle.

Previous maps:
You can engage in races in 5 different maps from each other, each map is characterized by buildings and ways differently from other maps, and you can also through continuous play all road gaps so that you can use them in avoiding bumps and people or police vehicles in order to win all the previously.

Bicycle upgrade:
Rod Rush allows you to develop your motorcycle after collecting prizes and funds from races after downloading Rod Rush game for computer, where you can add some renovations to it in terms of shape or changing and updating spare parts, in addition to repairing and developing your motorcycle if he needs to do so To become more powerful and speed than before.

The atmosphere of races and how to play after downloading the Road Rash game:-

Racing atmosphere:
Rod Rush game differs in its atmosphere of races from all other motorcycle racing games, as it is the most distinguished in providing an atmosphere full of action and excitement within the race, the player can use punching and kicking hands and legs in order to disrupt and delay the opponent, it is possible that these violent tricks help you In causing a rival contestant injury and being able to take his place and become closer to the race end line.

Policemen hunt:
The presence of police officers on the race road monitors the contestants movement. Police so that you are not chased and arrested.

the way of playing :
Here are some important control switches after downloading the Road Rash game for the computer, you can control the motorcycle path and trends using the four shares on the right in the keyboard, as you can punch, kick and hit with three keys, the switch or the lines, the Inter key, and finally the key number Below is on the right of the keyboard.

The Road Rash game is somewhat easy and not difficult in the style and way of playing, which makes it suitable for everyone as it is very entertaining. It is worth noting that after downloading the Rod Rush game for the computer you can dispense with control by the keyboard permanently and replace it with controls that resemble the PlayStation shields, however Available for the computer.

Rod Rush game blades:
Initially to enable the codes you must write the following Xyzzy, you can now use the following blades:

  • Get the Iron Series Thwack!
  • Re -fill your DRIP oil counter! Drip!
  • Activate your NITROS SPON!
  • Get rid of BRIBE policeman
  • Disable all the fragments PlGH

The most important positives download Rod Rush for the computer:-

  • The atmosphere of the exciting race and the escape plans of police motorcycles.
  • Many maps, which makes it fun and full of adventure and events.
  • Allow your motorcycle modification and change old spare parts.
  • The challenge with 15 other players with a total of 16 players and the wrestler to win and raise money.

Pictures from inside the Road Rash game

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