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Download Sonic Mania for computer and Android

Download Sonic Mania for computer and Android
Download Sonic Mania for computer and Android

Download the game Sonic Minia for Computer and Android in a small size, Sonic Mania is one of the famous Sonic games, which is a two -dimensional, features a fast -paced game style and includes an impressive collection of characters, playing environments and stages as well, and it was developed in 2017 by SEGA for Microsoft Windows and Playstation 4 and Xbox one.

The Sonic Mania game includes up to 12 levels in addition to 8 different playing environments, each of which contains various challenges and three playable characters are available, and each of them has supernatural capabilities that help them to overcome obstacles of all kinds, all of this makes us on a date With an exciting and unique experience.

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Information about downloading Sonic Mania for the computer:-

Play style:
A character is chosen from among the players that can be played and then race to reach the end of the level before the end of the specified time, which is 10 minutes, bypassing dozens of obstacles and difficult challenges, which requires a lot of skill by the player, especially the reaction speed where the obstacles suddenly appear in front of the player.

After downloading the Sonic Minya game for the computer, the player must constantly collect the yellow episodes that are the health of the characters, and provide the player for protection when touching the enemies or bypassing nails and many other obstacles that harm the player, especially since if the player is damaged and he does not have one episode at least An estimate will cost him again.

Characters :
All playable characters in Sonic Mania have a special set of amazing unique movements and maneuvers, where the ‘Hedgehle Sonic’ character has the ability to defend very quickly, while the ‘Miles Fox’ character can swim and fly like the helicopter, and the ‘Knuckles’ can climb the walls And slide.

The Sonic Minya game contains many levels that consist of areas and obstacles that have been re -mixed from previous versions in addition to adding a new set, each level includes multiple ways to reach the goal, in addition to many secret places that the player must discover alone after downloading the Sonic game Minya for the computer, knowing that there are methods that can only be accessed by a specific personality.

More about downloading Sonic Mania for the computer:-

There are many obstacles that cause a lot of harm to the player’s personality, including nails that are placed in places that the player does not expect, and there is also a giant beans tree that has a large head biting the player, as well as a cannon that releases balls of fire in addition to the snow blower that freezes a personality The player when passing over it.

Play environments:
The Sonic Minya game includes 13 great gameplay areas, some of which are adapted from previous versions but have been modified, and other new ones like the Green Hill environment, which is a tropical area full of plants, in addition to the coral lava environment, which is a sprawling cave full of different mining machines, all of this and more With a free computer game for the computer for free.

Elements :
There are many elements that appear randomly in the playing environment within the Sonic Mania game that help the player in turn to survive and complete the road towards the end of the level, such as the air bubble that appears in the water and gives the player the air needed to breathe under the water, as well as the flame shield that provides For a flame protection player.

There is also a blue shield, which provides the player for a field protection for a temporary period, in addition to the lightning shield that provides the player of protection from enemy attacks, as well as withdrawing yellow rings without the need to reach them, and finally the square of elements that contain different types of strength reinforcements and bonuses.

The most important positives download Sonic Minya game for computer:-

Pictures from inside the game

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