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Download Station To Station game for the computer from Media Fire

Download Station To Station game for the computer from Media Fire
Download Station To Station game for the computer from Media Fire

Download the Station TO Station game for the computer, a new and unused game by video games, in this game there are many adventures that you must do and the puzzles that you have to solve while trying to achieve the goals of the levels, which is to manage the subway trains system to reach their destinations Peace and in the times specified for each trip without delay.

The Station TO Station is the release of Dinosaur Polo Club and launched for users in 2019 to support operation on several platforms such as personal computers, your task in the game is to maintain the driving system of trains very accurately so that no delay occurs in times of arrival of trains, You must also be concerned with meeting the needs of passengers and working hard to develop the system in general and add more trains to curb the crowding, with the progress of the levels becomes more difficult and complicated with the desire of more passengers to independence of your trains.

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Graphics, effects and designs:

The Station TO Station game was developed using simple and clear graphics and designs whose colors are quiet but effective in showing the smallest details, you will notice that the designs in the game depend mainly on straight lines and clean geometric shapes that are free Players are more on levels of levels.

As for the effects, it plays a very important role in enhancing the game of play in general, as well as alerting important events that must be observed, such as the arrival of passengers to the station, the movements of trains from one station to another, the arrival of trains, the occurrence of crowding and other things that are clarified with the use of visual effects in the game.

Play style:

The download of the Station TO Station game for the computer is about a specific task, which is the management of the metro trains to reach its destinations and start from the stations at control times. Tasks are offered to players at every level. These tasks vary between managing the metro trains system and expanding them and serving customers and customers and buying more equipment that works To provide a higher level of service.

Your main goal that you must work on throughout the game levels is to build and expand the system of trains and your efficient Like crowding, traffic accidents and other important things that you should pay attention to.

Among the other challenges that you will have to overcome is the crowded tracks that may hinder the task of reaching the final destination within the specified time plan for each trip, as well Station to Station game shows the quick decisions to avoid collision with other trains and ensure passengers arriving safely.

The game also includes more challenges that you must overcome when they appear, such as the task of repairing breakdowns on metro trains, upgrading stations and service elements in each train to improve performance and meet the needs of passengers as best as possible, and you must also remember that all of these challenges will increase in their difficulty whenever I came up with playing so be careful to wise strategic thinking while making different decisions in the game.

Additional details about downloading the Station to Station:-

Development and promotion of the trains system:

There are many things that you can do in the game to develop your trains system and thus you can achieve more material profits by upgrading stations in the first place to increase the capacity of passengers and improve their experience.

You can do this after downloading the Station TO Station by adding more seats, windows, tickets, sidewalks, elevators, and moving stairs, so that the passengers feel more comfort and luxury, you can also buy more sophisticated trains to add to your new trains will work with higher quality and greater speed than Customer satisfaction achieves and works to save time in repairing trains breakdowns and delayed trips.

In addition to all of the above, you can also add new trips that go to paths that were not previously listed in the system to serve larger numbers of customers while you plan those new destinations. Improving the stations infrastructure, train paths and realizing more sophisticated and smooth control systems to ensure faster and safer trips.

The most important features of downloading the Station to Station game for the computer:-

  • A simple and attractive visual design that attracts players.
  • The soundtrack of the game and auditory effects are calm and entertaining to enhance the gameplay.
  • With progress in levels you will be able to improve and upgrade your trains system.
  • The ability to include new control technology on your metro trains.
  • The game depends on diversity in the tasks assigned to players to break the boredom barrier and learn strategic thinking skills.

Pictures from inside the game

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