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Download the 1 Desert Storm game for the computer

Download the 1 Desert Storm game for the computer
Download the 1 Desert Storm game for the computer

Download the 460MB of Media Fire game, a 460MB, Conflict Desrt Storm is also called the Iraq War, one of the wonderful wars simulation games that still maintains itself with a special place for millions of users around the world, where it simulates the Arab Gulf War with all the details and gives the player a atmosphere Enthusiastic to enjoy unique adventures.

It is a game of correction from the perspective of the third person, which takes place in the first Gulf War era after the Iraqi army invaded the State of Kuwait, which prompted the United States of America to form a military alliance from 35 countries to confront the Iraqi forces, and the operation was called the Desert Shield and from here came Desert Storm game name 1.

The first version of the download of Desert Storm was launched in 2003 by Pivotal Games on Microsoft Windows, Xbox and Playstation 2, it is worth noting that the game is suitable for all computers to the weak devices, because it does not need large operating requirements in addition to its small size compared to The rest of the modern wars games.

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Information about downloading the Desert Storm 1 game for the computer:-

mission :
The role of Sergeant John Bradley, who leads a group of American elite forces, is assigned, as difficult operations are assigned behind enemy lines such as the destruction of one of the bridges of supplying the Iraqi army or the destruction of ammunition stores and logistical support areas, or the liberation of hostages and many other tasks that need skill and planning .

The player completes some tasks immediately after downloading the Iraq war game directly and others within a team of 4 soldiers controlled by artificial intelligence, the player usually travels with a team long distances on foot in order to reach the place of the mission, which is logical as some tasks are You need to infiltrate and surprise the enemies, and this is not possible to talk if the team is sent to the enemy’s location by soldiers carriers.

Enjoy a huge arsenal of pistols, sniping rifles and light machine gun On the enemy weapons.

The player can use MP5SD and M16A2 machine guns in addition to Parrett M82A1 guns, in addition to heavy machine guns installed on vehicles, anti -aircraft and missile launchers, which is a very effective weapon against military armored vehicles and strong tanks.

More about downloading Desert Storm for the computer:-

Special equipment:
There are many equipment that will help the player after downloading the Desert Storm 1 game to confront the enemies and whose importance is less than weapons, such as night vision glasses that reveal the player in the dark in the dark in addition to the endoscopy and the laser determinant that guarantees the player to achieve direct and confirmed injuries From long distances.

Several types of bombs are available, which are explosive bombs, smoke bombs and tank mines, not to mention C4 bombs that can be detonated remotely, in addition to the nearby engagement weapons that can be relied upon in the event of running out of ammunition like a knife, and you can learn more details after completing the download of a war game Iraq on the computer.

Download the Desert Storm to the computer includes a large group of military vehicles such as warplanes and the Chinook, Apache, in addition to HUMVEE military cars and American M1A1 tanks, not to mention the SUVs armed with heavy machine guns as well as soldiers carriers.

Fighting arenas:
The battles are held in the arid desert of Iraq, which includes many buildings and military facilities for the Iraqi army, in addition to many barriers and destroyed buildings due to the air strikes that can be used to hide and take shelter from the bullets of the flying enemies in all directions.

The most important positives of downloading desert storm game 1 from Media Fire:-

  • A wide selection of weapons, bombs and military equipment.
  • Realistic battlefields simulate the arid desert of Iraq.
  • A large variety of military vehicles.
  • Three -dimensional fees and effects that mimic real war.
  • Light and suitable for almost all computers.

Pictures from inside the Desert Storm game 1


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