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Download the 3 Chicken Invaders game for free

Download the 3 Chicken Invaders game for free
Download the 3 Chicken Invaders game for free

Download the game 3 game for the computer from Media Fire with one direct link, review your combat skills in space with the download of Chicken Invaders 3 for free, is the most prominent version of all chicken games, as it is the most downloaded and widely spread thanks to its distinctive stages, which gives the players a full atmosphere With challenges, add to that it is suitable for all different computers even devices with modest capabilities.

The 3 -improved chicks game 3 got many wonderful improvements, as new types of weapons were added more effective than its predecessor against various types of chicks, and many angry chicken types that have greater ability to endure and greater ability were added to the skymat, which makes the confrontations more Difficulty ever.

Download the game 3 for the computer:-

The 3 Chicken Invaders game is developed by Inter recognition, and it was developed in 2006 for the Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac operating system, and despite the simplicity of its idea, it has achieved amazing success, especially as it is classified from light -sized light games, and also has an easy control system And smooth to the maximum degree as possible, making it suitable for all users.

It also includes superior fees and advanced audio and visual effects that mimic the atmosphere of space, which is the main battlefield inside the loading game 3 from Media Fire, where evil space chicks seek control of the planet, and the player must address the angry, angry regiments that are estimated at Thousands.

There are many types of chicken and each of which distinguishes it from others in many matters, and the player faces with progress in the stages after downloading the Chicken Invaders 3 game for the computer, more faster chicks, in addition to chicken leaders and they are a sum of the huge chicken in terms of size, as well as that Some of them lead satellite vehicles capable of releasing super laser rays and dumping eggs in large numbers.

The challenges and obstacles that hinder the player’s progress on the chicks are not limited to downloading the game 3 for the computer, as there are many other than that like meteorites spread in space extensively, and although it can be destroyed, it is many and very fast, which makes the task of destroying it all matter Difficult, so it should be avoided in any way, as there are space missiles and many things that cannot be mentioned in full.

More about downloading Chicken Invaders 3 for the computer:-

Many of the strong weapons that can be relied upon in the war against angry chicks are available, and can be promoted to several levels, which makes their impact greater against different targets, as there are also destroyed missiles that you can get by collecting falling chicks after killing them, and these missiles have capacity Huge destructive.

There are a lot of great gifts that can be obtained to provide a good performance, so always make sure to show your best skills in fighting, aiming, moving, etc. after downloading the game 3 to the computer, including gifts that change the type of vehicle weapon as well as promotions, missiles and other important things to Large degree.

The control system that enjoys the download of Chicken Invaders 3 is one of its best features, as the spacecraft can be directed in all directions and maneuvering between different risks, chicken, shooting and missile launch also using the mouse only, which made it suitable for children and adults together.

Chicken regiments can be faced alone or accompanied by a friend on the same device within the download of the 3 Media Fire Chicken Game, which in turn creates an enthusiastic atmosphere to the maximum possible degree, and it is also possible to modify the sounds of the game, the quality of the fees, control elements and other things through Visit the game settings.

Features of downloading chicken 3 for computer:-

  • Suitable for different ages for having an easy and simple mouse control system.
  • Ultra -precision graphics with 3D technology, which gives the player a very enthusiastic and exciting atmosphere.
  • Chicken Invaders 3 game is not connected without the need for the Internet.
  • Light and suitable for all devices, even old, without the need for large operating requirements.
    Many of the difficult stages, which gives the player strong and continuous challenges.

Requirements for playing chicken 3 on the computer:-

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
  • Screen Card: Nvidia GeForce 510
  • RAM: 512MB RAM
  • Free space: 170MB Available Space
  • Program: DirectX 9

Pictures from inside the game

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