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Download the computer Cold Verdict game from Media Fire

Download the computer Cold Verdict game from Media Fire
Download the computer Cold Verdict game from Media Fire

Download the Cold Verdict game for the computer, is a modern video game released at the end of 2023 by a straight video game development company called Astronomic Games. The game takes place in the near future in a fictional city that simulates the American city A number of cases of disappearances that have appeared recently and raised the ambiguity and suspicion between the police forces and local people, in order to be able to break the mystery of the cases of disappearances.

Information about downloading the computer Cold Verdict:-

Graphics and effects:

The Cold Verdict game has high quality in terms of graphics, designs and effects on which an artistic style that combines realistic and fictional elements, especially in the design of play environments that simulate advanced and modern streets for future New York City, not to mention the design of characters that seem to be alive from the realistic designs. This includes expressions of faces Personalities and details of the accurate play environment and differentiated drawings in harmony with a beautiful artistic sense.

As for the effects of the game, they are one of the factors that enhance realism in designs, where you can see changes in weather, lighting and shadows according to the movement of the sun, as well as sound effects such as car explosions and acceleration and special effects of music that increase the state of ambiguity and suspicion in events.

mission :

After downloading the Cold Verdict game, you will have to do a very diverse set of tasks, use your investigative skills to perform and reveal the puzzles of the disappearance issues that are discussed in the game, one of the most prominent tasks that you must do in the game is to collect evidence where you have to go to the crime scene And collect the different fingerprints and effects that may reveal the identity of the criminal, such as antiquities, hair, leaves and other elements that may be beneficial in the course of the case.

Otherwise, you must conduct interviews to investigate the suspects and witnesses who may have any information about the issue or events in which you have been used, use your investigative skills to interrogate witnesses and get out as possible as possible useful information, as well the truth.

A large amount of the game revolves around solving puzzles that range in their difficulty and complexity, but solving these puzzles will enable you to discover more details about disappearance issues. This may include finding some evidence, solving symbols, finding hidden evidence, tracking the suspects, and determining their positions.

Additional details about downloading Cold Verdict:-

Play environment description:

As we mentioned earlier, the events of the Cold Verdict are taking place in a virtual city that simulates the American city of New York, but with some future developments and aspects, you will be able to move freely during that city and watch tall buildings, flying cars and bright lights everywhere.

While wandering in the play environment after downloading the Cold Verdict game, you will notice the great diversity in it where you can go to urban neighborhoods, rural areas, fast roads, areas that are characterized by population density, commercial activities, traffic congestion, as well as other areas that include open places, whether rural or stunning landscapes as well You can wander through some forests in the game, as they appear in some levels of abandoned buildings from which you must go and collect evidence.

Help means:

Some tasks in the game, especially in advanced levels, may be more difficult and complicated, so the game provides a variety of means of help that can be resorted to if you cannot solve puzzles or achieve the goal assigned to you. Or the appropriate solution to the puzzle or how to interrogate witnesses and the places of hiding the suspects.

You can also resort to the investigation record on the case, this record is written in all the information related to the case and was collected by former investigators. In addition, the game system will permanently send the game guidelines to the players and these guidelines will constitute an additional aid for players.

The most important features of downloading the Cold Verdict game for the computer:-

  • The game offers an exciting and interesting story that the player gradually discovers its hidden ones during levels.
  • In the game there is a variety of exciting characters and each of them has an interesting story.
  • The game develops critical thinking skills, problem solving and linking events together for players.
  • There is no specific end to the game, but the end depends completely on the decisions made by the player.
  • The game includes a diversity of tasks between collecting evidence, investigating witnesses
  • and some fighting and exploring the playing environment.

Pictures from inside the game

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