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Download the computer Sonic Generations game from Media Fire for free

Download the computer Sonic Generations game from Media Fire for free
Download the computer Sonic Generations game from Media Fire for free

Download the Sonic Generations game for the computer, it is a game of platforms from the publication of Sega launched in 2011 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Sonic series and the game included a combination of classic and modern game as it contained stages of the most important previous parts and leaders of the most important icons of the game familiar to everyone, opinions about the game were positive Especially the computer version, where you got a positive evaluation of 93% of the players on the Steam Store. The game supports the Microsoft Windows system with its various versions and you will be able to download and install the complete Sonic Generations game through this topic.

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Information about downloading the Sonic Generations game for the computer:-

Game story:

The story revolves in the world of Sonic after the defeat of the main villain Doctor Egman and was left in the outer space stuck there with its automated followers, cubot, and during that, a strange force appears known as Time Eater and Istan is included in its capabilities and uses it to return in time and helps himself in the past to defeat Sonic.


Sonic is attacked in the past and this will affect his personality in the present and the intersection of that power of Sonik’s birthday in the present that his friends prepared for him and they are sent to different time gates, after which Sonic wakes up in a bright place and travels via Green Hill to save his friend Tails.


In the end, Monday, Sonic and Talis, meets their analogues in the past, the duo travel to many areas in the past to save many of their friends and fight a large number of bad guys during that trip, and in the end, Sonic is located in his two versions in the face of the two versions You will be able to overcome them and restore peace to the world? This is what we will know after downloading the game Sonic Generations.


Play style:

It is a platform game, which means that the player will have to overcome many obstacles and jump between many places while fighting enemies to be able to reach the end of the stage, and you will be able to control the Sonic characters in the past and the present, as the classic Sonic Sonic with the Side-Scrolling system and this means that the camera movement You will be like a traditional gameplay for most old games.


While playing after downloading the computer Sonic Generations game using Sonic in the Modern Sonic game, the game uses a different style that combines the perspective of the third person where the camera is behind the player and the Side-Scrolling perspective at some stages and tasks.


Sonic’s capabilities are different from the capabilities of Classic Sonic, as each of them has distinct movements and special capabilities you have to master all so that you can win the game and defeat your enemies easily.


Sonic at all stages can collect the episodes to increase its health index, and it can capture energy elements to increase the player’s capabilities and use tools such as the shield, skiboard, speed increasing shoes, and others, and the player can allocate the Sonic capabilities as he wants and the game allows buying some additions through the store inside the game.


Collect the red episodes that are hidden in some places, by collecting them with special music and great artistic drawings that you can collect and when you get 5 of these episodes, a new special capacity will be opened.


Graphics and effects:

The computer game generations game is characterized by an excellent 3D design. Sega presented this artistic masterpiece to make you old Sonic memories with a modern playing style and a modern playing style so the play environment is similar to the original Sonic environment, but with higher quality and more details, and sometimes Sonic goes to perform missions in the outside world in the city center and in it The picturesque nature and tall buildings with attractive designs.


The Sonic game also includes many fun visual effects while running quickly or using some capabilities and others, as well as the excellent graphic music that made the game in the Great Soundtrack category on the Steam Store, with high -quality sound effects.

Additional details about the computer Sonic Generations:-

Sonic capabilities:

You have to master all the classic Sonic capabilities such as the Spin-Dash attack in which he rushes quickly while spinning himself to direct his enemies, and the new Sonic has stronger capabilities such as Boost and in which Sonic turns into a tool more quickly than anything that causes a huge aura about Sonic can use this ability to pay a strong blow to the opponent.


You will also get many capabilities with your progress in the game and you can buy some of them from the Skill Shop store inside the game, all this and more after downloading the computer Sonic Generations game from Media Fire.


Several stages:

The game includes many stages of all old Sonic games, where Sonic’s character travels between times to free his friends and save the world, and the first stage is the Green Hill that revolves around the famous Green Hill Square from the ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’.


The download of the computer Sonic Generations game contains about 10 main stages with many challenges and tasks, so you should overcome all obstacles and defeat enemies and leaders in some stages so that you can return your friends.


Enemies and leaders:

The most important leaders were used in the history of the game chain and adding them in this part. For example, you will face the Metal Sonic at the beginning, which is the mechanical character of Sonic, which was invented by Doctor Emmann and this monster has enormous capabilities, but you can overcome it easily if you master the basic Sonic movements.

The most important features of downloading Sonic Generations for the computer:-

  • The game does not require strong operating specifications as it is suitable for weak and medium devices.
  • A very fun gameplay style between classic and contemporary style.
  • When completing each stage and saving your friend, he will help you in the rest of the stages.
  • The game includes battlefields and maps of classic Sonic games that have been revitalized while improving graphics.
  • You will be able to download the game in full for free through our website.

Pictures from inside Sonic Generations

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