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Download the Conquer game for the computer from Media Fire

Download the Conquer game for the computer from Media Fire
Download the Conquer game for the computer from Media Fire

Download Conquer Online game, which has the largest popularity, amidst this type of strategic games on the personal computer platform, multiple players online battles with a mass base estimated at hundreds of millions.

A huge collection of heroes with unprecedented combat capabilities, in addition to vast battlefields, legendary weapons and huge alliances that bring together dozens inside a team or one alliance, this is a few of many waiting for you with the download of Conquer online Arab with a direct link, unlimited tasks full of renewal and suspense , Many simulations for ancient times, specifically in China.

How to create a new account:
Fully free you can before or after downloading the Conquer Online game, registration via the official website or from within the Conquer Online game, by completing limited steps represented in entering the required data in the fields of that.

Similar to the usual when registering on any game you have to enter the username that you look forward to appearing in front of others instead of determining the password It must be filled when creating the account.

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Information about downloading Conker online for the computer:

It is worth noting that the Conquer Online game works very efficiently with medium -specific and perhaps vulnerable devices.

Full compatibility with Microsoft Windows systems, it is reported that the date of Conker’s launch for the first time was in 2004, witnessed great popularity and a huge turnout during the first years following the date of its publication, and it is still continuing to spread thanks to the periodic updates that the developed company is witnessing, in a manner that guarantees you Permanent renewal and continuous development in terms of graphics quality and other aspects.

Personal categories:
You can set the type of your character freely and without any restrictions, from between a male or a female, the next step after downloading the online Conker game is to determine your player’s category, these categories are both Trojan in addition to the warrior besides the archer and finally Al -Hawi who It is divided into two different types, either the fire or water containing, you have the right to switch between these two types at a later time.

Conker Online reveals to you through instructions and instructions that you will display in front of you on the screen, comprehensive details about the characteristics and characteristics of each of the aforementioned categories, for example clarifying the strengths, weaknesses, combat capabilities, favorite weapons, privileges and the like, and thus it is easy for you to distinguish between these groups without the need To search for a long time.

Away from the name of your account or you chose as soon as you download the online Conker game, you can choose another name for your character, be sure to set a decent and non -racist name and does not indicate something unethical until it is approved.

As for the manifestations of heroes in Conquer online, there are two different appearances for each category, you are entitled to choose completely free from them, there is no preference for one over the other in terms of combat capabilities, as the differences between them lie on the features of the face and appearance in general and do not extend to personal skills.

Weapons and playgrounds after downloading Conker online:

Playing arenas:
One of the most important features of Conker Hayes is its fields with vast areas of nature, unlimited spaces that provide you with wide fields as the most possible freedom of movement after downloading the game online from Media Fire, which allows you to implement countless strategies, and provides you with freedom of movement Unprecedented, scenic views and realistic designs to the maximum degree without noticeable differences between the same designs on the ground.

Forests are the most receiving scene of the challenges between the players, your enemies fight on online on herbal floors amid countless plants and trees, other confrontations on the Internet are taking place in the streets of cities and old markets, many realism waiting for you to play Arab Conquer such as changing the weather condition continuously Not to mention the difference in the timing of the battles between day and night.

Weapons and aid:
Hundreds of items you can get your promises suitable from them during your long career after downloading the online Conker game for Android, unlike weapons there are other assistance such as magic elements that provide your character with additional capabilities that are long mentioned, in addition to the medical bags to restore a large part of your energy.

The free currencies that the player gets as a result of winning the challenges are among the most important elements in Conker Online, through which all the contents of the store can be purchased once you reach the level specified for each element.

Away from the supernatural skills that some heroes enjoy, such as controlling fire, electricity, water, etc., you can resort to the use of old weapons as an effective means of attack and defense alike, for example swords with real designs and concrete differences in the effect of damage and size, as you find after downloading Conker On Line more bow, spear, iron chains, hammer and so on.

More about downloading Conker online:

Individual battles:
As we mentioned earlier, Conquer Online follows the position of direct play online, so all the challenges that await you inside are confrontations against real players from different parts Line to win by destroying the opponent during the specified time period, the individual match usually ends in Conker games in a very short time compared to team matches.

The number of alliances previously created by the players after downloading the Conker game for the computer is very large, due to the possibility of creating a new alliance on the part of any player, alliances provide you with a great deal of fun and excitement, the alliance is able to absorb dozens of players within one team The group members can exchange aid and gifts between them, as well as the ability to communicate directly from within the Arab Hayes Conquer.

Collective battles are held between two different alliances, joins the same number of members to make everyone equal, the war continues until one of the two teams can eliminate all the enemy coalition players, then points and currencies are distributed to the winning party, these confrontations take a long time More than 10 minutes per confrontation.

The most important positives of downloading Conker online for the computer:

  • An integrated store containing renewable clothes and weapons.
  • Collective battles and alliances between friends.
  • High quality graphics and realistic effects.
  • It includes many characteristics.
  • Unlimited play areas.
  • The perfect diversity between the capabilities of the characters.
  • Ultra -efficiency and endurance servers.

Pictures from inside the online Conker game

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