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Download the Cyber ​​Hunter game for the computer from Media Fire for free

Download the Cyber ​​Hunter game for the computer from Media Fire for free
Download the Cyber ​​Hunter game for the computer from Media Fire for free

Download Cyber ​​Hunter game for a 2 GB computer, the game is rich in diverse tasks full of action along the lines of Pattle Royal games such as Babi and Fort Knight. Your basic mission is about shooting and survival, as well From confronting the enemies and staying safe from their bullets and their continuous plans to catch you and get rid of the forehead of the good that you belong to.

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Information about downloading Cyber ​​Hunter game for the computer:

Play environment:
The Cyber ​​Hunter game revolves in an open virtual world, which is a region of valleys and green and plasticity, interspersed with some water bodies and mountains. Weather follows the day and night.

Although the playing environment at most levels is somewhat open and you can see remote elements, you will be surrounded by enemies everywhere and at some levels you will enter their home in the soldiers training camps and weapons development laboratories and fighting robots, so you must take care and take care and caution In every step you take.

The enemies are equipped with advanced weapons from the unique future and their main goal is to impose control of the world and for them will only be an obstacle that is easy to get rid of, use mental skills and fight the enemies to survive in Cyber ​​Hunter.

mission :
The Cyber ​​Hunter game includes an unprecedented diversity in events and tasks, all of which were presented in the folds of the game with a professional dramatic plot that helps to increase the player’s integration and thus increase the degree of fun, one of the most prominent tasks that you will do after downloading the Cyber ​​Hunter game to the computer is to collect the various elements and resources that will help you To complete play and move to the most advanced stages.

While trying to search for these elements and capturing them, you will have to do many action movements in order to avoid the danger of your imminent enemies and their relentless attempts to kill you and kill you, you will not stop shooting with multiple types of smart weapons during your career in the playing environment and explore them through the map that shows you places of hiding The elements are looking for.

To reach these elements while avoiding enemies, you will have to jump from different obstacles, make parkour movements, climb the walls and highlands using gloves dedicated to that.

More details about Cyber ​​Hunter:

Characters :
Among the features that you can enjoy after downloading the Cyber ​​Hunter game for the computer is the ability to choose from a group of characters that each of them features an exclusive set of supernatural features and capabilities.

Rather, it does not stop there. Whenever you advance in the game and pass more levels and difficulties, you have discovered larger numbers of playing areas, you will be able to develop skills for fighting, survival, visual camouflage, and rapid recovery for team members and remote murder, as well as flying, diving underwater and moving below the surface of the earth, You can also develop additional types of skills using quantum physics, electronic nuclei and robots.

the way of playing :
The Syper Hunter game for personal computer and smartphones that work with Android and iOS systems and you need to constantly connect to the Internet while playing, at first and after completing the download of the Cyber ​​Hunter game for the computer you must choose your favorite character from a group of characters and call it the name of the appearance that you like, from Then choose your initial weapon and enter the game’s events directly.

The game system provides you with many help, especially during the first levels; For example, and not limited to playing guidelines on the screen, you will also be directed to the places where the elements needed to be found through a map showing your actual location in the virtual game world and the target location, and you will also show you the distance that separates you from the closest enemy in order to build your estimates on Effective correction on it.

The most important positives download Cyber ​​Hunter game for the computer:

  • The possibility of individual or team playing up to 4 individuals.
  • An integrated arsenal of guns, artillery and grenades.
  • The ability to allocate the shape, features and color of the selected personality skin.
  • The game is done through walking, flying, or advanced vehicles.
  • The ability to build and demolish multiple elements in the game.

Pictures from inside the Cyber ​​Hunter game

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