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Download the game 4 for the computer from Media Fire for free

Download the game 4 for the computer from Media Fire for free
Download the game 4 for the computer from Media Fire for free

Download the game 4 game for the computer from Media Fire, the latest version of the game Chickeen Invaders for the computer and Android APK in a small size, the history of chicken games extends to decades as it witnessed a great popularity on outdated platforms such as Sega, Latari and others, the game of chicken war witnessed amazing developments throughout its history the long.

This version is the highest assessment by the players, the downloads of a billion chicken game exceeded via computers and smartphones, sweeping popularity of young and old alike, classified chicken games appropriate .

Download the original desert storm game 3 for the computer from Media Fire

3D 3D graphics:
Radical improvements are impressive waiting for you during your career with the spy game in space, everything looks so real, outer space includes endless planets and stars, a bright black background that provides you with dazzling luster, the accuracy of the triple dimension guarantees you an unparalleled cinematic view.

Visual effects are difficult to limit and talked about, for example, some of them are the difference in the effect of fire and shells, as well as radiation due to the enormous explosions, with exceptional accuracy in the movement of birds in the air without errors or defects in artificial intelligence.

High -s simation sound effects:
‘Chicken Invaders 4’ is unique in exclusive audio effects or has never been relied upon in previous versions, after completing the download of the game 4 for the computer and begins to play you will notice hearing real sounds, such as the sound of chicken, spacecraft, the sound of missile firing, additional sounds due to the collision of obstacles, This is a few of many about the auditory effects that provide you with unlimited renewal and always renewed excitement.

Types of birds :
Space chicken games The great diversity of the varieties and categories of chicken it contains, during your career with the game facing breeds more than twenty different breeds of birds, the differences are not limited to the size only, it is mentioned that there are about 5 sizes of varying chicks, from small size to the small size The giant, the larger the chicken size, the more powerful and defensive stiffness and vice versa.

The differences extend to the design or color, various colors that provide you with new manifestations between short periods of time, chicken in variable colors such as red, yellow, blue, green, black etc., as well as including the enemy ranks as a small chicks of the sons of those forces, upon completion of the process of downloading the game Chicken 4 for the computer notes that the hostile army also includes giant vehicles and satellite ships that narrow the movement of the movement in an exaggerated manner, discover more examples yourself.

Arms and aid arsenal:
On the other hand, the chicken game provides you with a wide selection of equipment to allow you to stand up and even win the chicken war on those large numbers of enemies, your career begins with a game Chicken Infers 4 in non -fire -out of fire, provides you with an unlimited amount of shots Fienders after downloading the game 4 game for the computer, the ability to stop shooting and release.

With progress in the levels, your spacecraft gets new shells more powerful and influencing than the previous one, colored tracking missiles in different colors that put in front of your eyes distinctive and unique manifestations, some individual weapons, that is, they affect only one enemy, while some shells have a collective effect on A large group of monsters at once, making it easier for you to get rid of the enemy’s army in a record time compared to individual shells.

More categories of missiles and shells in the 3 or other versions of the spy game that extend to the electric shock, more advanced weapons are difficult to describe to you, so we leave it to you to get to know them during your personal experiences with the download and experience of the old chicken game for the computer.

More about downloading the 4 Chicken Invaders:

Main stages:
This is the main battles system after downloading the Chicken Invaders game for the computer, in which you find a huge series of separate tasks from each other, every task in which you face hundreds and perhaps thousands of soldiers belonging to the chicken army, the battle lasts for a time of up or more than 10 minutes sometimes, whenever I have advanced in the stages as the defensive and offensive enemies are increasing, which pose a great danger to your life in return.

Continuous changes in chicken games in terms of events and combat methods awaiting you as a result of moving from one stage to another, then you move to facing new breeds of huge sizes and strength more high than it may occur to you, use your strongest shells, missiles and deadly weapons after loading the game of chicks The new for the computer to eliminate this legendary type of leaders, for every battle you win there are wonderful rewards and gifts for you.

Battling system:
Do not follow a single game chicken in all its stages, but rather is based on several various ideas and systems that guarantee you a permanent diversity and renewal between some somewhat close time period , Where your warship is located at the bottom of the screen and your enemies on top.

With the download of the computer game for the computer from Media Fire, reaching advanced tasks. outer space.

In other stages, you will not remain stuck at the bottom of the screen, very great risks as a result of the large numbers of birds that surround you from all directions, which restricts your movement greatly, as you will only be able to move in a very narrow space, the rest of the spaces are full of chicken, just collision Any chicken by losing you is an attempt in your possession.

Chicken forces follow many offensive methods with the aim of getting rid of you after downloading the game of chicken 4 for the computer, the latest version, for example, dropping eggs on you, as well as correcting huge amounts of bombs, it is worth noting that some crackers may deceive you as a result of the way they are wrapped in the form of a gift box, beware It collides with these obstacles to keep your energy until successfully reaches the end of the stage.

Record mode:
In this situation, there is no specific end that can be reached in the chicken game where your goal is to break the highest record possible by continuing to play for as long as possible, there is a meter that reveals to you your current record and this number increases at different rates according to your performance on the battlefield, go to Interior settings and set different sound levels as you like.

Pros for downloading chicken 4 for computer:

  • It contains a huge set of advanced weapons.
  • Dozens of chicken includes multiple differences.
  • Fierce confrontations against giant warships.
  • High quality graphics and real sounds.
  • Renewed ideas and methods continuously.
  • Long series includes hundreds of stages.

The requirements for playing Chicken Invaders 4 as a minimum:

  • Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10
  • RAM 512 MB Memory RAM
  • Solid disk space 210 MB Space
  • DirectX 8.1

Pictures from inside the 4 chicks game

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