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Download the game Farming Simulator 19 for the computer in a small size

Download the game Farming Simulator 19 for the computer in a small size
Download the game Farming Simulator 19 for the computer in a small size

for the maximum degrees in terms of the player’s realistic experience to manage a sprawling farm on a large patch of land and all the important responsibilities that this contains, not to mention the advanced level of drawings and techniques used in agriculture And harvesting and marketing agricultural products.

It is worth noting that this type of video games that involve a realistic simulation of the farmer’s experience is a tremendous popularity in a large segment of users, and this is what Focus Home Inacive produced for the Farming Simulator game that consists of 22 issues, as it rose with simulation and realistic degrees for the maximum levels To convey a real experience for the player about all the challenges, responsibilities and temporary tasks involved in agriculture, as well as material and social profits and benefits.

Information about downloading the Farming Simulator 19 game for the computer:-

Agricultural equipment:
In contrast to the competing farm experience games, the ‘Farming Simulator 19’ agricultural game was interested in strengthening the experience to the professional stage, as it included a rich and varied package of the most developed agricultural machines and equipment to help the player achieve the best possible goal in a short period, there is more than 300 Agricultural tractor and stomach are designed in a similar way with its counterparts from the most famous international brands.

Each of the equipment, tractors and agricultural phases available to play after downloading the Farming Simulator 19 game for the computer, bearing an endless amount of realism that in turn enhances the player’s experience and the degree of integration and reincarnation, as it is a motivational factor that is underestimated to continue playing and completing the levels to take material profits and obtain equipment with a model And the degree of higher production.

Fields and farms:
The designs of fields available in the agricultural emulator game are similar to agricultural lands extending along the American and European fields in an atmosphere that simulates in the details of the Western countryside and the challenges faced by the farmer to stay at the top of its duties on a daily basis, of course the fields differ from each other in terms of air and soil conditions, is done Learn more about the details of each farm or field through the maps adopted by the farmer emulator game.

When you receive the Farming Simulator 19 farm, you will get to know the best right crops with the soil environment in this place, usually the beginning with some basic crops such as wheat, oats and basic grains, and then when progressing in the play you can expand the agricultural patch and plant new crops It has a greater demand and therefore a higher material profit when harvesting the harvest.

More about downloading a computer agricultural mitment game:-

the way of playing :
Your duties vary after downloading the Farming Simulator 19 game for the computer between driving the huge agricultural equipment and the huge agricultural machines to carry out your tasks better and faster and thus achieving the best possible goal, among the regular tasks is the plowing of the land and the scattering of the seeds and its treatment with agricultural fertilizers and then investigating the appropriate times for watering and using pesticides and others until they come Time of harvest and selling the crop and then achieving the desired goal.

Which distinguishes the ‘Farming Simulator 19’ agricultural game in particular from the rest of the widespread agricultural games is the multiple equipment and agricultural machinery with highly realistic designs that can be relied upon to achieve the level of the level, as the leadership of one of these equipment is on the uneven terrain on the farm is a rich matter With excitement and entertainment itself, not to mention the experience of managing a large interactive farm and a huge size of loss or profit.

Patterns of play :
Download the game Farming Simulator 19 for the computer comes with three playing patterns, each of which carries their own challenges and responsibilities, as well Things and how to achieve the maximum benefit from your own farm, in this style, the game directs you through the levels of managing the farm and the steps required for agriculture and caring for crops until the time of its harvest.

The second style of playing with an average level of difficulty revolves around a management of the farm of being a businessman who would like to invest your savings in the agricultural sector, where you can after downloading Farming Simulator 19 directly to start playing in this style without farm, equipment or experience in agriculture, and you are directed through The game is about the best equipment, farm tools, as well as seeds and right crops with your capital.

The third -to -playing style that carries the most difficult tasks involves your desire to invest in agriculture and work in this field, but you do not have equipment or farm but also and do not have enough capital to put on the beginning of the road, in the Start from Scriptch style you will face many challenges for you You make your way from nothing until you reach your desired goal by following the game’s instructions.

The most important positives of the Farming Simulator 19 game for the computer:-

  • All details in the playing environment surrounding fully interactive.
  • Realistic dynamic changes in wind movement and weather.
  • Each level follows a set of maps for easy mobility around the farm.
  • The ability to allocate and upgrade agricultural equipment and machinery through the game store.
  • High -quality triple drawings carry precise details of the playing environment and the surrounding atmosphere.

Pictures from within Farming Simulator 19 game

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