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Download the game Hitman Blood Money for the computer from Media Fire

Download the game Hitman Blood Money for the computer from Media Fire
Download the game Hitman Blood Money for the computer from Media Fire

Download the game Hitman

Money for the 760 MB computer, enthusiastic tasks, advanced weapons and many assassinations of characters of great importance with Hitmann: Blood Money, is one of the best action and excitement games and most realistic, so it has achieved great success and spread on all different operating platforms.

It is worth noting that the chain of the Hitman Games of the third -person perspective, this version was released on May 26, 2006 by IOCTIVE on the Microsoft Windows, Playstation 2 and Xbox 360 operating system and many other platforms, and it also has high graphics quality Accuracy, not to mention many visuals that touch reality.


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Information about downloading Hitman Blood Money for the computer:

Customer 47:
The events of the Hitmann game: Blood Moni revolves around a hired killer, some of the bald man operates for an international agency owned by a group of professional killers who provide services to their wealthy customers for money and the player reincarnates the role of the main character, the customer 47 is a professional killer who is good at the assassinations of the assassinations with great ingenuity With complete secret, whatever the degree of securing the goal.

The customer 47 gets a set of tasks, most of which are the assassination of one or more people, but the method of carrying out the tasks remains left to the player’s desire and appreciation Her assassination, insurance degree and personal guard weapons of the goal.

mission :
Before any task, the agency gives the player a set of intelligence information about the goal and the types of weapons that the player needs in the task, in addition to a map that shows the places where the goal is present or is constantly frequented as well as a set of pictures of the character to be assassinated or a video clip in the case Available.

The bumpy man can disguise and hide to integrate into the surrounding environment so that no one feels Juda. There are many, such as putting the poison in the drink, shooting, or erecting traps.

More about downloading Hitmann game: Blood Money for the computer:

Hetman: Blood Moni contains a huge and varied set of weapons that provide a player with many options to kill the goal, SLP 40 and MP7 pistols, M4 and MP5 machine guns, in addition to the M14 and Air Rifle sniping guns that allow the player the possibility Kill the target from long distances, but this depends first on the player’s skill in aiming.

It is not only after downloading the Hitman Blood Money game for the computer on firearms, but there are many nearby engagement weapons such as bolts, knives, baseball speculators, daggers, hammers, fire extinguishers and meat scandals, and the poison and traps erecting tools are the first tool for killing and tasks, worthy It is mentioned that there are certain types of weapons that can be promoted.

New killing methods:
Many of the new killing methods have been adopted in the game of Hitman The highest high -rise building or from balconies and many other ways that were not available in the initial releases.

Hide crime:
It is necessary to hide the bodies and all the effects of the crime after downloading the Hitman Blood Money game so that the matter is not discovered or arrested by the police and in both cases the task has failed, the player can hide the bodies in the containers or get rid of them in the way that is appropriate, as it is necessary Hide the blood spot, especially since artificial intelligence can reach the criminal through it.

Play environment:
The play environment changes from one task to another, the playgrounds are designed with high accuracy, so they look realistic to the maximum degree possible, the player can roam freely without restrictions similar to the open world games, it is worth noting that most of the play arenas have advanced monitoring systems such as surveillance cameras and alarm devices And so on.

The most important positives download Hitman Blood Money:

  • A huge arsenal of weapons can be upgraded.
  • Playing arenas that mimic reality change according to the task.
  • Methods of killing appear for the first time, such as traffic accidents.
  • Various tasks need a lot of skill and intelligence.
  • Sophisticated graphics and fees are quoted from reality.

Pictures of downloaded Blood Money

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