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Download the game Horror Tale 2 Samantha for the computer from Media Fire

Download the game Horror Tale 2 Samantha for the computer from Media Fire
Download the game Horror Tale 2 Samantha for the computer from Media Fire

Download the Horror Tale 2 Samantha game for a small size, is a modern video game of horror, survival and exploration, where the game takes place in a dark, frightening world full of ghosts and terrifying creatures and the game is played from the perspective of the first person where you control the main character in The game, and you have to explore the surrounding environment well and the elements and secrets it has hidden while trying to solve puzzles and avoid monsters and enemies in the game.

It was released in 2021 by the Russian Antonch Development Team, which is a three -dimensional game that has the quality of high graphics and designs, especially in showing the fine details in the playing environment, characters and interactive elements in the game, which gives the player a terrifying and nerve play experience, especially with exciting side music and the accompanying sound effects Events.

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Information about downloading Horror Tale 2 Samantha:-

Game story:
Horror Tale 2: Samantha addresses the events of an interesting and purposeful story in mystery and horror where the story’s secrets are gradually revealed whenever the player advances at the level How to reach this place.

Meanwhile, you will meet many strange creatures and blood -thirsty monsters, and then you will discover that there is a person being held by these evil creatures called Samantha and you have to save them in order to follow the events after that to discover horrific crimes about the kidnapping of children in the city after the numbers of mothers who suffer from that increased the problem.

Your mission after downloading the game Horror Tale 2 Samantha for the computer is to discover the secrets and investigate the matter in order to discover the kidnapper who kidnaps the city’s children by passing through many terrifying and dangerous sites and dealing with monsters and strange creatures as well as the game includes a high amount of fierce fighter and solution The puzzles that will lead you to more horrific secrets.

The nature of tasks and adventures:
The game is characterized by the nature of mystery, as there are many puzzles that you must solve in order to be able to progress at the levels. You will have to collect the elements and search for them in various playing environments, but most of them seem like abandoned houses full of ghosts and terrifying creatures, you will find yourself in many risks When facing strange and terrifying creatures, the goal in the story is to discover the secret of the disappearance of children and the one who kidnaps them and what he does after kidnapping.

One of the most prominent tasks that you should do as soon as the Horror Tale 2 game is downloaded is the discovery of abandoned homes and the search for keys and tools that may help you in events, roam the rooms and dark corridors in those houses while taking care from the hidden and phenomenon monsters that hide in those homes To search for the required elements at each level in order to be able to know more secrets and reach good places in the play environment.

Unlike exploring the playing environment and abandoned homes, you will have to face dangerous and terrifying creatures, so you must have strategic thinking and hiding skills and infiltration in order to avoid these creatures, but when necessary you can fighter those creatures and address them using the tools available to you. This matter needs intelligence and skill to survive and good resource usage.

Additional details about the Horror Tale 2 Samantha game:-

Tools and weapons:
There is a limited set of tools and items that you can use in the fighting to deal with strange and terrifying creatures surrounding you in the play environment, for example the manual lamp is one of the very important elements that you must take with you everywhere to illuminate the dark places while your mission to search for the necessary evidence To solve puzzles.

Other tools that can be used after downloading the Horror Tale 2 game are the keys that you can collect and will help you open the closed doors and reach closed places that hide more puzzles, as well One of the elements that you can use effectively is to search for hidden elements.

As for the weapons, they are the other limited in the game and you must use the elements available to you in the fighting tasks, there is a knife and the stick only. Be sure to use these weapons wise The player develops logical thinking skills at the time of danger.

The most important features of downloading Horror Tale 2 Samantha for the computer:-

  • The game features a wonderful background music and sound effects that enhance the horror atmosphere.
  • High -quality 3D graphics dominated by dark character.
  • The game provides means of help at certain times due to the difficulty of puzzles and challenges.
  • Multiple playing environments you can explore and interact with the elements in them freely.
  • The game develops accuracy, search and tie skills together for players.

Pictures from inside the game

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