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Download the game Jumanji Wild Adventures for the computer with a direct link

Download the game Jumanji Wild Adventures for the computer with a direct link
Download the game Jumanji Wild Adventures for the computer with a direct link

The game Jumanji Wild Adventures for the computer, is a video of adventure and action video, developed and published for users in November 2023 by Outright Games. The game finds themselves transferred to the world of Jumanji.

Where there is a jewel that represents the power in the world and there is a group of evil personalities who are trying to steal this jewel to impose their control on the world, so the four friends cooperate to restore the jewel again and protect it from the hands of the bad aggressors, but in the meantime they are forced to face many entertaining and dangerous challenges and adventures at the same time .

Information about downloading the game Jumanji Wild Adventures for the computer:-

Graphics and effects:

Jumanji: Wild Adventures has beautiful and amazing 3D drawings designed using the Unreal Engine 4 engine, which guarantees high quality graphics, accurate details and clear color contrast.

The game includes an open world. After downloading the Jumanji Wild Adventures game, you can tour it and explore it freely.

Likewise, the design of characters that seem very realistic is also, especially with the expressions of their faces and their real details. The effects of the game are also characterized by their realism, whether they are visual or vocal effects, where you can feel as if the battles you are fighting as if they are already are already.

Nature of tasks:

There are many tasks waiting for you to download the interesting game Jumanji Wild Adventures, starting with exploring the playing environment and various regions such as deserts, jungle, forests and cities through the solution of various puzzles that need intelligence and logic and analyzes events to move forward in events.

And to reach the task of fighting against the enemies that are the richest in the action and adventure factor, as you will face many diverse enemies in the game and you have to address them and fight them in the appropriate way for them.

You can do this by cooperating with other characters in the game, especially since each of the characters has a unique group of skills and capabilities that can lead to high effectiveness when they unite with each other, these enemies in the game are monsters, predatory wild animals and armed combat figures and you can fight them Using physical combat skills or using a variety of weapons that the game offers you.

Additional details download Jumanji Wild Adventures:-

Gifts and rewards:

In Jumanji: Wild Adventures you will get wonderful gifts and rewards when you can achieve the goals of different stages and levels, you can use these gifts and rewards to develop your skills and capabilities in the game and buy new elements.

For example, after downloading the Jumanji Wild Adventures game, you can get some elements for the reward when you offer great performance, these elements can increase your health and strength levels and thus you can face more enemies with an indomitable force and continue to search in the interesting world of Jumanji to search About the desired jewel.

In addition, you can get additional capabilities by completing the tasks and collecting resources. These skills and capabilities will help you explore the world and fight strongly and resistance higher.

You will also be able to open new characters whenever you advance in play and offer the best possible performance. Each of the new characters will have exceptional and unique capabilities and skills that you may need on your journey in events.


The download of Jumanji Wild Adventures includes a variety of weapons that you can use to fight against the various enemies that you will face during your progress journey.

Among those weapons are swords that are the perfect weapon for near -range fighting and the swords available in the game vary in terms of size, shape, damage and effectiveness. There are also the armor that is indispensable to protect yourself from the attacks of the enemies towards you.

There is a variety of shields that differ among them in terms of size and the amount of protection that can be provided, and there are some traditional firearms such as guns that are the perfect weapon to target enemies from relative dimensions. There are also magic weapons and are the strongest and can be used to achieve special and deadly attacks for large numbers of enemies at the same time.

The most important features of downloading Jumanji Wild Adventures for the computer:-

  • The game has high -quality three -dimensional drawings and vitary and vibrant colors.
  • The game follows the events of an interesting story whose secrets and mysteries are gradually detected with progress in playing.
  • The game provides you with four playable characters you can choose your favorite character from among them.
  • Each of the characters in the game has unique skills and capabilities as well as they have special goals.
  • Playing can be played individually in artificial intelligence interview or collaborating with up to three other players via a local network to achieve goals.

Pictures from inside the game

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