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Download the game Necrocity for the computer from Media Fire for free

Download the game Necrocity for the computer from Media Fire for free
Download the game Necrocity for the computer from Media Fire for free

Download the necrocity game for the computer with a direct link, prepare to indulge in the experience of playing cities building experience and achieving the necessary strategies of defense towers to protect cities against the expected and unexpected enemies attacks.

In this game, you will play the role of a young prince who governs a non -living kingdom and your mission is to revive that kingdom again by building new cities and equipping them with all luxuries and protecting them against hostile attacks from evil forces in the neighborhood world, you will need strategy and accurate planning to be able to address the attacks of enemies And survive and protect your kingdom from destructive attacks.

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Information about downloading the necrocity game for the computer:-

The Necrocity game belongs to the category of strategic games and the open world where the main task is to build cities and repel enemies attacks, not to mention the exploration of the wide game world that includes many beautiful scenes, the game is developed by Gameparic and was released in October 2022.

The game was also designed with the use of high -quality 3D graphics that shows the smallest details in the various play environments within the open world in the game and you will be able to explore the world and wander through it and interact with the various elements shown in the play environment for use in construction and construction work that will be assigned to it during the levels.

Tasks and adventures:

Downloading the Necrocity game includes a variety of tasks and adventures that you can take to and explore, and you can choose the type of tasks and adventures that you want to immerse with based on your skills and preferences, as your main task in the game is to search for missing persons from the main city and then cleanse the cursed temple and then Stopping the forces of evil at the end in order not to continue in the evils they take to the city.

These main tasks are essential to complete the story of the game and move forward in the events, but in addition to it there are many side tasks through which you can achieve more profits and gain new skills and experiences.

For example, side tasks include delivering messages to and from different personalities in the game in the same non -live city, in addition to helping farmers in harvesting and caring for their crops to complete the tasks of building the city and reconstructing them, you can also explore the city and search for the missing elements of the city and restore it again.

Fighting :

The fighting in the Necrocity game is one of the main tasks that you must complete to pass every level. Fortunately, the game provides you with a set of weapons and combat skills that you can use to fight enemies such as zombies who spread throughout the city and raises the panic of ordinary people. These zombies can multiply very quickly only The level of health and energy have low and can be easily killed.

The playing environment also includes monsters, but unlike zombies possess large offensive forces and can cause high damage, in addition to the death heroes in the city and these two offensive personalities and have high combat capabilities and it is difficult to get rid of them so it takes it to tactics and strategic logical thinking to reach a tight plan to fight and get rid Of their imminent danger.

Additional details about downloading the Necrocity game:-


In the Necrocity game, weapons are an indispensable necessity due to the diversity of enemies, their large number and the urgent need for fighting, so the game provided a group of various weapons that differ among them in terms of performance and efficiency.

At the top of those weapons, swords that are the most common weapon in the game and can be used in direct -range fighting, in addition to spears and can be used to target distant enemies, as well as the case for the bow and arrow as it is an effective weapon for somewhat safe fighting fighting.

There are also some firearms such as guns, pistols and cannons that are the most appropriate to fight the heroes of death and monsters due to their offensive power, fierceness and their ability to avoid hand -ranging manual attacks.

Customization and Development:

With the download of the Necrocity game to the computer you will be able to customize many of the elements that you use according to your needs and desires, for example, you can customize weapons and increase the level of their efficiency in the fight by collecting the coins that the game gives you after each successful level.

You will also be able to make allocation and development on the appearance of your combat forces, as you can do this on each soldier individually by changing skin color, hair shape, external clothes and slogans.

As well as weapons that every soldier can use in addition to increasing their strength and their combat skills and raising their level of attack, and since the game is primarily considered one of the strategic games you have a wide field of allocating and developing your city, building facilities and increasing production and defenses.

The most important advantages of downloading the Necrocity game for the computer:-

  • Wide -scale allocation and development method.
  • An open and broad world you can explore and interact with it.
  • High -dimensional drawings of high quality in showing details.
  • Multiple types of weapons used in combat and the possibility of developing them.
  • The game offers many gifts and bonuses when you do a good job in achieving levels.

Pictures from inside the game

Download “Necrocity GAME FOR PC {5,31 GB}” – Downloaded 192 times –



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