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Download the game Retoled for the computer from Media Fire for free

Download the game Retoled for the computer from Media Fire for free
Download the game Retoled for the computer from Media Fire for free

Download Retoled game for the computer, it is one of the shooting games from the perspective of the first person and it is one of the newly released video games as it was launched for users in November 2023 by 10 Tons Ltd.

Where the game deals with the near future in which the world was seized by the evil artificial intelligence and your task in the game is that you reincarnate the role of the captive hero who initiates to save the world from artificial intelligence plans and to put a deterrent limit for him.

Meanwhile, you will fight many battles and have to fight by using a bouquet of modern advanced weapons suitable for all types of combat, whether individual, direct, or long -term, and the game will take your reward every time you can achieve the goals of the levels successfully.

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Information about downloading the Retoled game for the computer:-

Play style:

Retoled game style is characterized by speed and action, as you have to make quick fateful decisions and move by jumping, swinging or running through the different platforms and environments in the game using your available capabilities, and you can also use a variety of firearms and direct hand attacks to address the enemies around you from all place.

But it is not only after downloading the Retoled game only to attack the enemies and fight And weapons wisely and warned in order not to cause resources losing.

mission :

One of the most important characteristic of Retoled is the diversity of tasks that you must complete in order to be able to progress in the levels and those tasks follow the events of the interesting game story, as it includes exploring playing environments that include military facilities, secret places and important and secure headquarters.

Meanwhile, you will intercept many of the robots programmed with artificial intelligence to impose control of the world and refute the attempts of human beings to save their world as they knew it before. Many of the time are also designed to fire different types of lead and offensive elements to target enemies.

After downloading Retoled game, you will also have to solve the different puzzles in each of the three chapters in the game for each of you can move forward and learn about the main reasons that led the world to this fate.

There are many secrets that you will be able to discover while playing gradually whenever you advance at the levels, you will come close to knowing the full truth that in turn will open the way for you to know the best way to put an end to what is happening around you.

In addition, do not forget to collect resources of all kinds, whether they are food, food, medical materials, weapons and ammunition in order to maintain your activity levels to apply for the tasks assigned to you and these resources will help you to develop and promote your capabilities and skills in the game.

Additional details about downloading Retoled game:-

Play environments:

Retoled game includes multiple gameplay environments inspired by video games dating back to the nineties, where most of the game events revolve in a secret military facility and some security facilities that feature high -quality 3D designs and many interactive details that you can capture, use and open when needed.

The sites also vary within the secret facilities in the game, sometimes you find yourself in narrow corridors, mysterious dark areas and other wide and vast rooms without doors and entrances, and it may be a challenge to get out of those rooms, and all of these sites and different areas shown in the game include large numbers of enemies who will You must confront them by direct killing or use of firearms available to you.


There is a variety of firearms and offensive weapons that you can use to download the Retoled game for the computer to fight the different enemies, knowing that these enemies are designed with artificial intelligence and have the ability to resist weapons and survive the bullets so it is necessary to get to know well the type of weapon that you use and whether it is Effective or not with the enemy that faces you.

Examples of weapons available for use in the game are offensive guns, pistols, hand grenades, missile launchers, and each of these weapons has strengths and weaknesses and is considered suitable for a specific type of enemies and of course in special fighting where you can use offensive guns in short and medium -range combat on a limited group of enemies while You can rely on hand grenades to get rid of large numbers of enemies in a short time.

The most important features of downloading the Retoled game for the computer:-

  • The game adopts highly realistic and dynamic designs and fighting.
  • The game offers a high amount of diversity in terms of maps and tasks that the player can perform.
  • The game provides the ability to allocate in the appearance of characters, combat capabilities and weapons.
  • Game drawings and high -quality visual and sound effects are highly realistic.
  • The game includes a great diversity of weapons and military equipment that already simulates its realistic isotopes

Pictures from inside the game

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