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Download the game Zuma butterfly Escape from Media Fire

Download the game Zuma butterfly Escape from Media Fire
Download the game Zuma butterfly Escape from Media Fire


, it is known by many previous generations and it is also one of the light games, which does not occupy a large space inside the computer, and does not require high operating capabilities, in addition to that it does not It requires even an internet connection.

You can take advantage of the void to make an entertaining and enjoyable thing with the loading of the butterfly Zuma, the benefit of this game is to train the mind to focus and develop the intelligence of children, as Butterfly Escape depends mainly on focus and color discrimination as well as on the speed of intuition.

There are many different versions of the game Zuma. We put you a link to download all versions at the bottom, the game of the butterfly is one of these most searching and demanding versions, the difference between these versions of the game is related to the nature of the levels, its difficulty and the style of play, also related to the form and formation of the external game and the designs in it.

Download the original PES 2011 PES for the computer from Media Fire

Information about downloading the butterfly Zuma game for the computer:

Places and external environment:
The external appearance that you will see after downloading the butterfly game ‘butterfly Escape’ game is always changing, a period of gameplay is in one of the forests, and another time is in one of the caves, sometimes on the banks of the river, and each stage has a different environment and shape.

Method of control:
Using the mouse, and by clicking the left button, you thus release the balls from your own cannon, and to be able to correct and move freely; It is by moving the mouse right and left, so that the correction is largely accurate, you can also change between the colors of the balls by clicking once or more on the right button of the mouse.

Voice effects:
It contains special special music enthusiastic and stimulating that takes you in a more than wonderful adventure, in addition to a distinctive ringing sound, which is released during the launch of the coins towards the target or when you get one of the auxiliary means, and more only after completing the download of the butterfly Zuma game for free.

Auxiliary means:
When you achieve an achievement after loading the butterfly Zuma during the launch of the balls, for example getting rid of a large number of balls with a single blow, the Buterfly Escape game system is rewarded with a star with a star that increases your progress and sometimes gives you a way to help you finish the level faster.

This help when you take it may make the moving balls towards you move in reverse, which increases the chances of your elimination of them, or make the balls that move quickly stand for a few seconds, which makes it easier for you to seize them, and the last is the knockout that makes you get rid of many balls with only one shell.

Enjoy with 6 auxiliary methods to easily accomplish levels, the first method shares determines the goal accurate Large with one bomb, the fifth means of a fiery ball devouring and eliminating any number of balls that hinder its way, the last means is the devastating thunderbolt.

More about the butterfly Escape game:

The butterfly Zuma begins at the first level, with an easy challenge that you can pass and skip it easily, and with the increase in the number of levels, the difficulty of the challenges increases, and its duration is long, and it takes a lot of focus, and the speed of intuition in order to call similar coins, in addition to some of the aid that the game provides you and you have to get It has after downloading the butterfly Zuma game on the computer, you should focus while playing well because sometimes there may be no room for error, and then you will lose directly.

The achievement factor that many people are searching for, is present and strong Specified of levels and stages, you completely seal the game.

You can enter after downloading the butterfly Zuma game with more than one name for the user, and keeping your progress in the game, and this factor is very important in the event that you and your brothers play on the same computer, each of you can register in his name.

Determination of difficulty:
Not only in Butterfly Escape choosing the name, but when you register, the game asks you about the gameplay that you want to play throughout the game levels. Is it an easy, medium style or a very difficult style, and this confirms that the game is suitable for a huge group of people.

The most important positives download Zuma butterfly game for the computer:

  • Simple use; You only need a computer mouse.
  • Small size, and do not require your device to be high.
  • It has 15 gradients in difficulty you will not get bored.
  • It will not pose any damage or risk to children as it is appropriate.

Pictures from inside the game

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