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Download The Great Fear for the computer from Media Fire

Download The Great Fear for the computer from Media Fire
Download The Great Fear for the computer from Media Fire

Download The Great Fear for the Computer, is a horror video game and survival that was developed by True Games and issued to users in September 2023 for Microsoft Windows operating systems. For this laboratory, he must escape from the laboratory alive, but during your attempts to escape and escape.

You will face many puzzles that you must solve and the risks that you must address and overcome in order to be able to escape, the game needs a high amount of critical and analytical thinking, intelligence and intuitive speed because the style of play in it depends mainly on solving puzzles and linking events together And moving through mazes, not to mention that the atmosphere of the game is not without terrifying risks and challenges, so be ready to address these risks as soon as they occur.

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Information about the download of The Great Fear for the computer:-

Graphics and effects:

The graphics are designed in the game The Great Fear to enhance and strengthen the state of terror, excitement and fear for the players. The general atmosphere in the isolated laboratory where the events revolve and panic will feel isolated, lonely and fear while touring this laboratory in search of a safe exit.

Not to mention the designs of characters dominated by horror manifestations, many of the characters who will have to deal with in the game are monsters that have been developed in this secret laboratory and hidden from the eyes of the international community, those monsters have special attacks that may be fatal, but they will not appear much in the play environment for that Be careful while moving anywhere and always prepare for any fighting that you have to keep your life.

Enjoy the download of The Great Fear game on the computer highly in realism in terms of the surrounding environmental designs, characters and interactive elements. This realism includes sound effects that help to exaggerate the atmosphere All factors will be dismayed and provide you with a terrifying and unprecedented experience.

Play style and challenges:

The Great Fear is based on a playing style mainly on the solution of puzzles and bypassing obstacles and traps, you will have to solve a large group of puzzles that range in levels of difficulty between easy and complex so that you can eventually find the safe way out of the secret laboratory stuck in it.

Sometimes, after downloading The Great Fear, you must be ready to face anything unexpected of terrifying risks and challenges, move in the play environment via the stocks in the keyboard where you can move in all directions and interact with the elements surrounding you in the play environment Like doors, safes and inserts, all of these elements must open them and explore the keys or tools that can help you in the mission to get out of the secret laboratory.

Solving puzzles is one of the first and basic tasks that you must do during levels, as well as address the enemies who face you along your journey to go out, these enemies have a basic goal which is to impede you and thwart your endeavors to get out of this place. Address these enemies as soon as they appear by using the weapons that You collected it from the play environment and make sure to manage your available resources, whether these resources are weapons, ammunition, food and water.

Additional details about downloading The Great Fear:-

How to get weapons:

Having weapons in The Great Fear is indispensable to keep you alive, so you can get weapons by searching in the play environment and finding them in different areas and then keeping them and using them when needed.

Weapons may be hidden in closed boxes, cabinets, or even in the corners on the ground, you need to explore the secret laboratory well in order to find all the weapons available through the game system.

You can also download The Great Fear to make your weapons yourself by collecting the elements and tools needed to make a weapon and then do it and manufacture it. These weapons may be effective tools in causing the severe damage to the enemies or solid or explosive elements.

Who are the enemies? :

In The Great Fear, the enemies that pose the most danger to you are the monsters that were manufactured in the laboratory and these monsters vary greatly among them in terms of strength and terrifying appearance. You may find human monsters who were people who were naturally, but they were converted into monsters using Confidential scientific experiments in the laboratory.

You may also find animal monsters and this type of monsters are regular animals that may be predators that have been converted using scientific experiences into lethal monsters, in addition to mechanical monsters, which are robots designed to attack and fight. These monsters are strong and difficult to overcome using regular firearms.

The most important features of downloading The Great Fear for the computer:-

  • An exciting and challenging play style based on puzzle and fighting solution.
  • High quality graphics and effects help enhance the state of terror and suspense.
  • Mystery and attitudes change with each time the game plays from the beginning.
  • The game includes an exciting and breathtaking story.
  • Huge diversity in the quality of the monsters you will face in the game and the capabilities of each of them

Pictures from inside the game

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