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Download the GTA IV game for the computer from Media Fire

Download the GTA IV game for the computer from Media Fire
Download the GTA IV game for the computer from Media Fire

Download GTA IV 4 GTA IV game for the original 4GB computer The new Gata, amazing developments in performance in general we reveal to you on this topic, the degree of realism has multiplied before.

The legendary or fictional graphics, if it is permissible to speak, we look at talking about the quality of the drawings in a paragraph dedicated to that, criminal and heroic tasks with the download of the Gata 4 game from Media Fire requires players with long experiences in action games, moved to a world that simulates reality in the smallest and smallest details, Try it and discover the positive differences between them and the latest version GTA 5.

Information about downloading GTA IV for the computer:

The engine is the strongest:
Rock Star relied on the latest work and development technologies when designing this version Grand Thuft Auto 4, which is based on the latest game engine that was in that period, the available version of downloading the Gata 4 game on the personal computer is not very different with the PlayStation 3 and Xbox versions, guarantees This engine has a performance that does not fool in any way, such as the method of motion of passers -by or cars, and when the fire is launched and other different cases.

The highest graphics quality:
For this reason, some users face problems and disadvantages during the operation of the GTA 4, these are the owners of weak and possibly medium devices as well. With a small size, otherwise you may face constant cutting and sudden suspension.

Forms of personalities are aspects that have been clear improvements thanks to advanced work techniques, you can easily inform and determine the most accurate differences between one personality and another, new facial features that did not appear in any of the old Gata games, watched a beard and mustache player, the last bald and third hair, with contrast Great skin color after downloading the Gata 4 game with a direct link.

The accuracy of the graphics extends until it reaches all items within the GTA 4, including, for example, but not limited to the weather, where the weather varies after downloading the GTA IV game for the computer between close or spaced periods to provide you with exciting diversity during play, enjoy both thunder, lightning, rain and snow As well as the pure atmosphere.

More about downloading Gata 4 game from Media Fire:

In ‘Grand Thuft Auto 4’ you find more than 50 newly -made cars and a classic designs dating back to the fifties of the last century, new multi -brand vehicles with high speeds and possibilities that mimic reality, Porsche, Ferrari with a high -long limousine, a wide variety of colors that provide you The perfect diversity, with the GTA IV game download for the computer that you can change the vision perspective while driving from several different photography angles.

Motorcycles :
Enjoy the download of the Gata 4 game from Media Fire by about 5 motorcycles you find in the city streets while playing, multiple designs for different categories, such as dedicated to delivering requests to customers along with race motives, engines more close to reality.

War vehicles:
Similar to the custom in Gata games, you find several military vehicles that you have the opportunity to lead any of them. These vehicles return to the police and the army, so when driving one of them, you are a thief and you will be chased immediate helicopter.

Unprecedented voice:
The conversation here includes all aspects of the voice of the characters, through the sounds of car engines and bikes, as well as the sound influence resulting from the firing of firefighters inside GTA 4, each weapon has an auditory effect that distinguishes it from the rest of the arsenal, more voices get to know yourself once you download the GTA IV game for the computer and try it.

lethal weapons :
Grand Thuft Auto 4 has witnessed radical updates at the level of firearms, where the design of each element was improved to be as it is already on the ground, and in this version of the Gata 4 game download for the computer has been provided several models of each same weapon, which puts in your hands multiple options in your hands To choose from them, automatic machine guns can accommodate more than 50 bullets in the shot treasury.

Sniper dedicated 3 distinctive categories, enjoy the sniping of the enemies from a distance Theft Auto IV Using Equity Lenses to target enemies with higher accuracy.

Cities and tasks after downloading the GTA IV game for the computer:

Librty City Square:
It is the city on which events are held after downloading GTA 4 for the computer, which includes 5 different states such as New Jersey and Brooklyn and they are cities that are already in our real world almost the same designs, there are many clear differences between one state and another, one of these differences is the behavior of the population, In addition to the facilities and designs of the house that are unique to each of these countries, there are bridges linking those cities, compulsory in a compulsory way.

Main tasks:
An extended series of interconnected and seductive tasks after downloading the original Gata 4 game for the computer you have to go into and implement the instructions specified for you in every task, some of them may bring you together in confrontations that appear suicide against the police and defense forces affiliated with the National Army, at other times you face criminal gangs such as those who belong To her, you both pose a real danger and threat to your life.

You receive instructions and orders about these tasks in several different means and methods, this may require you to go to your gang headquarters to attend a secret meeting with other members who are sent with you as a support team for you, and you can also receive instructions through the wireless call device in your possession, and in Grand Thuft Auto 4 Some tasks take a long time given the sequence of many events in different regions.

After completing the download of the GTA IV game for the computer and starting to play, do not forget to save your progress after each task that you finish successfully completed, your task in GTA 4 may be editing one of the hostages, assassinating a senior state officer, smuggling a detained prisoner and perhaps stealing a public utility.

Huge motivational bonuses give you within the Grand Auto 4 Grand game for the success of the mission, you can spend that money in buying new property or more powerful weapons and so on, events increase difficulty and gradually with time until they reach the peak in the last stage, secret tasks you must Complete it after midnight in complete darkness, all this and more with the Gata 4 game download for the computer.

Pros for the GTA IV game for the computer:

  • GTA has 4 devastating weapons for the first time in Gata games.
  • Control via handicrafts or from the keyboard.
  • More duties and more realistic events.
  • Cars for the most famous international brands.
  • Cities with real homes and streets.
  • The highly realistic graphic accuracy.
  • The possibility of driving helicopters.

Pictures from inside the GTA 4 game

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