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Download The Guest for the computer from Media Fire for free

Download The Guest for the computer from Media Fire for free
Download The Guest for the computer from Media Fire for free

Download The Guest game for the computer, it is a horror video and adventure game developed in 2020 by Tam Gotham. The game revolves in an abandoned hotel where the main character in the game wakes up to find himself trapped in a room of the closed hotel rooms and does not know how to end up for this result and why It was besieged in the room of an abandoned and closed hotel.

Now you have to follow the facts and discover the secrets that led to this matter and how to get out of this hotel safely, there will be many difficult puzzles in boring in order to discover the truth behind this mysterious place and the reason I brought you to and how to get out of it there are many puzzles, secrets and psychological horror that He is waiting for you in The Guest, so be ready to have a terrifying, rich, rich, adventure and ambiguity experience.

Information about the download of the Guest game for the computer:-

Graphics and effects:

Graphics in the 3D and beautiful game in terms of perfection and eye -catching in terms of realism, as the play environment dominates the dark atmosphere that provokes the state of ambiguity and horror that the game aims, the play environment is designed in dark and dark colors to raise the state of anticipation, curiosity and ambiguity in the players.

Not to mention the deserted hotel designs that surround you from all directions. This hotel and those designs are designed in a way that makes you feel isolated and unit during events. The rooms and corridors in the hotel vary between dark, quiet, complex and suspicious places.

But there is a common denominator after downloading The Guest game among all the different environments and rooms that you will roam while playing, which are the fine details in furniture designs and decorations, all of these factors have been burdened and enhanced by using dim lighting that contribute to creating a terrifying and interesting atmosphere.

As for the sound effects and background music, they are very effective in creating a state of mystery, tension and terror, as sound effects are an important factor in promoting the main events and the general situation that the player feels during levels.

Play style after downloading The Guest for the computer:-

As soon as you enter the playing environment in The Guest, you will be able to control the main character as you find yourself trapped in an abandoned hotel room.

The room is closed and you must explore the environment surrounding you and solve some puzzles in order to be able to open the besieged room in it first and then complete your career to explore From the hotel safely without hurting.

The game revolves around an interesting story and you must solve the complex puzzles to discover the secrets of the story and its events and be able to progress in the story. These puzzles vary between searching and finding hidden evidence and puzzles that require arrangement of elements in a specific way in order to be able to open doors or ban some sites and places in the hotel That if you can open it, you will be able to reach other places that bring you closer to the safe outlet.

After downloading the Guest game for the computer, you will need to use your creative thinking and your observation power to reach the right solutions for puzzles and mental obstacles that you will face while playing.

Once the puzzles and progress in the game will be able to discover the story gradually, as you will discover more details about the main character and how it ended in the deserted hotel room alone at a confusion, but the events need a conclusion in order to be able to know the reasons for all the events that You revolve around you.

Adventures and challenges:

There are many adventures and challenges that cause stress and psychological terror awaiting you after downloading The Guest game, at the beginning you have to explore the surrounding environment and know all the places in the hotel well and solve the puzzles associated with the playing environment such as finding certain elements or arranging things to reach a way out of a closed place .

But I am careful because the hotel environment has many enemies such as monsters and evil and zombie spirits so you must be careful with every step you take and try to avoid these enemies and do not make them notice that you will not have enough power to fight them alone.

Use your skill to survive, especially with many blood -thirsty enemies in the same place around you want to catch you and catch you, at that time try to reach the hotel director and get to know the circumstances of the matter and how you were closed in this suspicious place and you can learn about these facts By tracking the story events, solving puzzles and exploring the play environment.

The most important features of downloading The Guest game for the computer:-

  • The game enhances the creative thinking of the players to provide several elements and evidence that can be used and tracked to solve puzzles.
  • The game follows the events of an interesting story, where the player finds himself trapped in an abandoned hotel in the eighties and he must follow the events of the story to know the circumstances of the events.
  • The game is designed with high -quality and realistic three -dimensional drawings so that the player feels as if he is already in the game events.
  • The game offers many complex puzzles that need creative thinking and strong observation to solve it.
  • The game’s atmosphere is terrifying and exciting, especially with dim lighting and the dark colors used in graphics design.

Pictures from inside the game

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