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Download the Naruto computer game from Media Fire all versions

Download the Naruto computer game from Media Fire all versions
Download the Naruto computer game from Media Fire all versions

Download Naruto game for computer and Android APK all versions with a direct link, Naruto games for the computer are back with a new version and impressive ideas, the game includes all the heroes along with many sub -characters, the official game is now available for free download on the Microsoft Windows operating system in a small size, as we leave you for you Live download link for mobile.

Graphics at Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 have seen many improvements as they became more accurate than before, as well as sound techniques have received great attention from developers to put you in front of an integrated game of specifications, enjoy going through long adventures whose effects are no less whatever in addition to epic battles. With large numbers of enemy forces, I have never been downloading Naruto and enjoying it.

Download the original Naruto Storm 3 game for computer

Information about downloading Naruto for the computer:

In this style, you have to walk through the hero Naruto Shippuden in the vast squares of nature, unlimited areas in the forests and cities that provide you with the utmost possible freedom in the movement. During these adventures, monsters and enemies are facing their primary goal is to eliminate you, whenever you move a little forward, it intercepts your way More enemies with higher combat capabilities than before them.

Use the way you like to defend youself, whether by directing punches and kicks to your enemies or using other combat movements or by using sharp weapons such as the sharp sword and others, enjoy stunning landscape Mountains, small lakes, etc., follow the illustrative signs that reveal to you the correct itinerary.

More about downloading Naruto Shippuden:

Direct battles:
On the other side after downloading the Naruto Shippuden game, you can choose your favorite personality from the middle of more than 30 warriors and fight from the ranks of the good guys or the bad guys, every male and female fighter has a distinctive fighting style of other fighters, thanks to that advanced degree of diversity of offensive and defensive movements and methods Boredom will not know your way.

Choose the personality of your warrior as well as the enemy you want to face, it is worth noting here that you can fight the battle against a real player via the computer itself, or go into challenges with artificial intelligence and then determine the appropriate degree of difficulty from your point of view, the game provides you with an unprecedented simulation in forms And manifestations and clothes of heroes, whether Naruto Shippuden or the rest.

After completing the download of Naruto computer game from Media Fire, you are entitled to set the number of battle rounds from at least one round to 5 rounds with a maximum, from the powers that Naruto games put in your hands also the possibility of determining the duration of the match from multiple options as well as the option to cancel Time factor so that the battle remains so that one of the parties can completely eliminate the other side.

These competitions are held in the position of a player against a player aboard fighting with the backgrounds, designs, and non -identical floors. Learn how to implement various attacks or combat strikes through a list dedicated to this purpose. To another.

The most important positives download Naruto computer game:

  • The breadth of areas for receiving battles and adventures.
  • It includes a large number of heroes and famous characters.
  • A combat style for each fighter separately.
  • Note changes in weather and timing.
  • Comprehensive instructions on how to control.
  • Freedom to control the preferences of battles without restrictions.
  • The ability to operate without the Internet.

Pictures from inside the game

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Download the original Naruto Storm 3 game for computer

Download the original Naruto Storm 3 game for computer

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