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Download the original Battlefield 2 game from Media Fire

Download the original Battlefield 2 game from Media Fire
Download the original Battlefield 2 game from Media Fire

Download Battlefield 2 game from Media Fire in the size of 2.7 GB, prepare for epic wars and battles via the Internet with friends in the Battlefield 2 game for the computer, where you fight alongside up to 31 other team soldiers in an all -out war to control tactical sites, It is a fictional war in which the US military, the Chinese army, the European army participates and what the Middle East army is called.

Battlefield 2 provides you with a near -real experience as the war embodies all its important details, and your role is not limited after downloading the Battlefield 2 game to a soldier who fights enemies, but you can drive combat aircraft, tanks and soldiers tankers, in addition to playing a paramedic or engineer and many other roles that It makes you live the atmosphere of real war.

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Play style:
Battlefield 2 is a shooting game from the perspective of the first person that depends on teamwork as a team, the main goal of the game is to kill and defeat the army’s army soldiers and seize the largest possible number of major areas on the map, which needs teamwork with your team members.

Any member of the team can take leadership, but the priority is always for players with the highest rating, and all team members must implement the commander’s orders because he is the most experienced and skilled player, and players can also after downloading Battlefield 2 to communicate with each other to coordinate in the battle of the battle through The sound or by short text messages.

the team :
The idea of ​​the team depends on giving each player specific tasks to do in the best way, where you can play the role of the doctor who must help and treat the injured in the battlefield, as you can, after downloading the Battle Field 2 game from Media Fire, play the role of the military engineer who is demanding to repair the team vehicles that The result of targeting by the enemies, as well as the destruction of the opponent’s team vehicles if there is an opportunity.

In Battlefield 2, you can also engage in fighting from the perspective of the tank control, which is a course in destroying enemy tanks by missile launcher, or a sniper assigned to provide a fiery cover for the forces in the battlefield, or a special forces soldier who performs very difficult tasks behind the enemy, usually playing from This perspective is the most experienced players in fighting.

More about downloading the Battlefield 2 game from Media Fire:-

Weapons and tools:
Each soldier in the team is equipped based on the task entrusted to it after downloading the Battlefield game 2, where the sniper is provided with a sniper rifle, pistol and endoscope so that he can accomplish his mission to the fullest, which is to hit the enemies from long distances, while the paramedic gets, but not limited to a lot One of the medical tools for the treatment of the wounded in addition to a machine gun until the defense of himself is folded if it is necessary.

All soldiers in Battlefield 2 are equipped with explosive bombs, pistols and daggers, knowing that the player can change a cycle in the battle by capturing the weapons and equipment of one of the dead soldiers, for example if the player picks up equipment and weapons of tanks, the priority for him will become the destruction of enemy tanks, but it is advised not to do this without returning To the team captain, because this matter may negatively affect the team as a whole.

The download of Battlefield 2 includes a large number of powerful military vehicles, most notably pocket cars, whose main task is to transport soldiers with a maximum of 3 soldiers other than the driver, while armored personnel holders can carry up to 8 soldiers while providing them with full protection from light weapons, as It carries a heavy machine gun on board.

There are also tanks that can carry a soldier to fire and another soldier for driving, in addition to the various seaflets 2 seaflets such as fast boats carrying a heavy machine gun on board, in addition to that it can also after downloading the Patel Field 2 computer game to carry a large number of soldiers, usually What special forces use to carry out secret operations against enemies.

The player can drive three types of aircraft, which are helicopters, fighters and launchers. For fighters, they are high -speed planes whose main role is to attack enemy aircraft. Each fighter is equipped with a machine gun and 6 air -by -air missiles, while the main role of the bombers is to bomb targets The ground for its ability to carry tons of explosives.

The most important features of downloading Battlefield 2 compressed:-

  • You can drive tanks, armored vehicles and aircraft of all kinds.
  • It includes many maps that mimic real battlefields.
  • A long list of advanced firearms and important equipment.
  • Facing others in multiple players online.
  • Smooth performance and ultra -accurate graphics mimic reality.

Pictures from inside the game

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