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Download the original Call of Duty 1 game for the computer from Media Fire

Download the original Call of Duty 1 game for the computer from Media Fire
Download the original Call of Duty 1 game for the computer from Media Fire

Download Call of Duty 1 game from Media Fire in the size of 421 MB, the correction game from the perspective of the first person Call of Duetti 1, its events revolve in the era of World War II, it is one of the best war games ever where it achieved a great success and spread thanks to its amazing realism and what it contains Employed weapons and battles give the player the real atmosphere of war.

The Call of Duty 1 game has been developed and released by Activision on the Microsoft Windows operating system in 2003, although it is considered one of the old games today, but it has the quality of high -resolution drawings that represents a great deal of realism, not to mention the sound and visual effects All quoted from the ground.

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Information about downloading Call of Duty 1 for the computer:-

Realistic effects:
The interest of the developers in the first place was to simulate the real war, which gave the players an exclusive experience, for example when an explosion occurs near the player due to the air strikes or the explosion of bombs, resulting in the sound of the tinnitus, in addition to the lack of clarity of vision, which affects the player in a way Direct and leads to the slowdown in the player and the inability to run.

Call of Duty 1 is divided into several stages or campaigns that it is permissible to speak, the player is fighting within the ranks of the Allied forces, namely the British, American and Soviet forces, many tasks are assigned behind the enemy lines such as detonating certain areas and important warehouses for the German army, liberating the hostages or confronting the attack of the forces German and prevent it from progress.

In every new task that is assigned to the player is required to achieve several different goals that can be distinguished by the compass on the left of the screen, and the player must after downloading the Call of Duty 1 game to complete all goals in order to reach the next task, it is worth noting that the player can save Progress and return again at a later time and complete the task from where it stops.

The player can carry two different weapons in addition to the pistol and approximately 10 bombs, and he can also obtain the weapons of the dead soldiers from the enemies in the battlefield, in addition to the possibility of using heavy machine guns installed in buildings and vehicles, which provides the player of a huge Iranian density that can overcome me Several regiments of German soldiers.

Enjoy a variety of automated and half -machine weapons, sniping rifles, pistols, bombs, and anti -armor, other than nearby clash weapons such as a knife, and you can, after completing the download of the Call of Duty 1 game from Media Fire, clash with enemy soldiers in the weapon body in the event of running out of ammunition, in addition to many Another important equipment that would make the player recover his energy that he lost as a result of the injury.

More about downloading the Call of Duty 1 game for the computer:-

Call of Duty 1 contains a large group of military vehicles such as combat aircraft, offensive helicopters, armored soldiers and tanks that the player can lead and fire against hostile targets, knowing that this requires great skill to achieve confirmed injuries against the combinations of German soldiers.

The matter is not limited to wild and air vehicles, there are also marine vehicles that would landing soldiers on the beaches to carry out surprising operations against the hostile army, which are small boats, land ships, and huge war ships carrying a large group of heavy weapons, and you can know More details after downloading the Call of Duty 1 game directly.

Playing arenas:
The play arena changes from one mission to another after downloading the Call of Diety 1 game on the computer, where some tasks lead you to fighting in the polar continent in the light of the cold cold and snowfall and inside the abandoned and destroyed cities as a result of the ongoing aerial bombardment on those cities and has been designed with great care to be granted The player ultimately the maximum realism.

The player must achieve the greatest possible benefit from the battlefield and integrate it quickly so that it does not become an easy prey to hunt by the German forces, especially in the desert play arenas, which are easy to discover your presence unlike the playgrounds with trees.

The most important features of downloading the original Call of Duty 1 game:-

  • Realistic simulation of the real war atmosphere in all its details.
  • Many land, sea and air vehicles.
  • Great diversity of machine guns, snipers and anti -armor.
  • Diverse playgrounds are very carefully designed to touch reality.
  • Light on operating systems in addition to its small size.

Pictures from inside the game

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Download Counter Strike Carbon game from Media Fire

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