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Download the original Counter Strike 1.6 game for computer + online

Download the original Counter Strike 1.6 game for computer + online
Download the original Counter Strike 1.6 game for computer + online

Download the old, original Counter Strike 1.6 game for the computer from Media Fire in a size of 256 MB. Online multiplayer battles await you with your friends and players from different countries. Download the Counter Strike 1.6 game that puts you in direct matches in order to survive. The Contra game is considered one of the first games Action online in terms of appearing on personal computers and perhaps across various platforms.

It is still able to attract large numbers of computer users to it, even though there are newer games in this type of group war games, such as PUBG Mobile, in addition to Fortnite. Contra Strike 1.6 download remains an example of originality and ancient history, a fighting game that provides you with epic battles. Synchronized with real time.


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About the original combination of the computer’s Contra Strike 1.6 game:

sign in :

First of all, you have to create a new personal account by entering specific data and information in several fields dedicated to that, choose the name you want to appear in front of others in addition to your own email until you are saved in a way that allows you to access your account via devices Different.

Take the appointment of an account protection code and do not share your entry data in Ketter games with any other player to keep your account from theft and the like, these are only the steps that you must follow only once and thus you can enjoy all the privileges and features for free after downloading the Counter Strike 1.6 game on Computer.

The realism of confrontations between the players:

The game gained its realism thanks to its high -quality drawings, through which it occupied the top action games online within several consecutive years of its publication, the game of a collective war has never come with this high -precision graphic, of course our conversation here revolves around the games that were released before the release of the game Strike, specifically Before the year 2000, it is the date of posting the original Contra Strike 1.6 game for the computer and online.


The faces of the characters inside were simulating the reality in an unprecedented degree at the time, just as the clothes of the soldiers or warriors were more realistic than ever, as well as weapons designs and the extent of the play arenas, not to mention the purity of sound effects and other positive positives.

Play online:

As usual, it is necessary to connect to the Internet in order to download and operate the Counter Strike 1.6 with players on the Internet if all online games, in the event that the connection source is interrupted, you may not be able to enter the existing battle again, so make sure after downloading the original Contrastra 1.6 game for the computer on Providing a stable connection throughout the current confrontation period.


The download of the original Old Contra game depends completely on collective wars between two teams, each of which includes the same number At all, they are related to them, or the formation of a new team of friends and live battles against another team.

More about downloading Counter Strike 1.6:

Two categories of forces:

Counter Strike 1.6 puts two options in front of you two forces to choose what suits you among them, the differences between the two classes in military clothes can be confined to each team, when you choose the first type, then you join the team of all its players wearing the same outfit.

The capabilities of the two teams in the Contra Strike 1.6 are completely equal in attack and defense, one of whom does not have higher capabilities than the other as a speed of the movement, defensive hardness etc., the differences lie in appearance in general such as facial features and design and color of the military uniform, the forces wear head helmets, face masks, protection shields , Official shoes and so on.

Weapons group:

This version of the control games includes a full store for this main component in group action games, a broad list that includes more than 50 firearms you can get after downloading the original Contra Strike 1.6 game for the computer from Media Fire, machine gun Individual and married with real designs.

In addition to hunting rifles with a double effect when using them a short distance from the enemy, and for sure there are many snipers to ensure that your enemies sniping from very long distance To the battle.

Weapons are purchased and promoted for free currencies that are granted to players as a result of winning the battles, the cost of purchasing a specific weapon decreases or increases according to the specifications and capabilities of this weapon after downloading the original combination game for the computer such as power, speed, ammunition capacity, etc., be sure to develop the arsenal Your own to reach rates higher than damage.

War squares and battles in Contra Strik 1.6 game:

Multiple war arenas:

Various options in the fields for receiving battles between players, you have absolute freedom to choose the battlefield that you want to play on, the areas of war are characterized Inside multi -storey buildings and corridors.

The streets of the city or squares in general contain defensive barriers in order to provide forts to take shelter from fire bullets, this is the ideal opportunity after downloading the original old countertar game to use bombs when your enemy hides behind those barriers.

More regions, most notably the frozen electrode as well as beaches, other narrow squares that require participants in the game of Contra Strike, confronting each other closely in direct confrontations with the utmost violence, the weather varies as the day and night vary between the challenges that bring together players with the highest levels Simulation, excitement and diversity in the viewer.


Download the original Compared 1.6 game for the computer puts you in a real test to reveal your level in collective war games on the Internet, fierce confrontations against other players, each of whom has a specific level, the battle begin The enemy area, and then each team moves in search of the other.

One group members can distribute roles between them, for example a player responsible for using snipers is determined from the highest possible point for the surface of the earth and rather from above the towers and high -rise buildings in order to target the heads of the opposing team players, and others their role is necessary for them to take direct clashes and so on.

Kinter games offer you important details and information on the screen, including the result of the battle, with colorful phrases that reveal to you the killer and the victim, and a map shows you the points of your friends’ presence on the battlefield, the distribution of rewards and gifts of victory will be according to the result of the match or according to the performance of the players each of them Separately.

The positives of the original Contra Strike 1.6 game for the computer:

  • Grant several attempts to each player in the battle.
  • The possibility of forming an alliance with friends.
  • The abundance of competitors 24 hours.
  • Various designs for fields and large spaces.
  • Weather and timing between battles.
  • It is available on several models of each weapon.


Pictures from inside the Contra Strike 1.6 game

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