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Download the original desert storm game 3 for the computer from Media Fire

Download the original desert storm game 3 for the computer from Media Fire
Download the original desert storm game 3 for the computer from Media Fire

Download the 3.4 GB Desert Fire Storm 3 game, Desert Storm 3 is one of the wonderful wars games that are passionate about and the attention of millions, which revolves around the 11 -year -old Vietnam War and killed three million people, and has been developed by Pivotal Games in 2004 on Microsoft Windows, Xbox and PlayStation 2 operating system.

The Desert 3 game contains many realistic battlefields, all of which are taken from the Vietnamese lands, and also includes a huge set of firearms and important equipment, as well as the wonderful audio and visual effects that give the player a sense of realism, which makes it one of the games that deserve experience.

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Game events:
The player in Desert Storm 3 takes the role of a team leader of four soldiers from the 101st Band -old, who are sent on a difficult task behind the enemy lines and because of an attack, the team lost contact with the leadership and soon found themselves isolated behind the enemy lines after one of them dropped them Military helicopters.

You should drive and direct the soldiers as the leader across dozens of miles and rough terrain, which contain many traps, ambushes and landmines that pose a threat to the life of the team, with a little food shares and very limited ammunition, which makes it more difficult.

The goal of downloading the 3 -compassived desert storm game is not to win any war or make certain tasks only, but the primary goal is to survive in order to return to the homeland, in light of the presence of many different challenges that must be overcome in any way in accordance On the limited ammunition that the team has, and it is not easy at all, but it remains ultimately impossible.

Play environment:
The playing environment itself is a very big challenge for the player, due to its rugged terrain and its containing many plants, long trees, water ponds and much more, which makes it an environment suitable for enemies to hide and erect traps and ambushes, so you have to move with great caution and study each step before To do it.

More about downloading Desert Storm 3 from Media Fire:-

Characters :
There are 4 different characters, you can control any of them as soon as the Desert Storm 3 game is downloaded to the computer and you can also give orders to the rest of the team, but you always have to choose the character that fits with the nature of the situation, for example and not limited to if you face one of the military vehicles, you have to take care of Control of the character who has a missile launcher because it has effective weapons against this type of target.

The game of the computer Desert Storm 3 has a wide variety of firearms and equipment, as it includes many pistols, guns, offensive rifles and sniping rifles, in addition to bombs and missile launchers, one of the strongest anti -armor firearms, and there are also explosive bombs, smoke bombs and many tools And other weapons.

Each member of the team carries two main weapons in addition to the pistol, dagger and bombs of all kinds, and each member has different weapons from those that the rest of the team holds, which provides the team with many options and capabilities. It is worth noting that after downloading the 3 -year -old storm game from Media Fire, it is possible On the weapons of enemies.

Graphics and effects:
The Desert Storm 3 game contains very good graphics that highlight all small and large details, and it also has many wonderful visual and sound effects, especially the sounds of weapons that were quoted from reality to simulate its realistic counterpart and many other important things that give you the atmosphere of war realism.

The most important features of downloading the desert storm game 3 for the computer:-

  • It contains 4 characters that the player can switch between.
  • A realistic play environment is very difficult.
  • A large number of important military weapons and equipment.
  • It has great visual and sound effects.
  • Light on operating systems in addition to its small size.

Pictures from inside the game

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