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Download the original Far Cry 2 game from Media Fire

Download the original Far Cry 2 game from Media Fire
Download the original Far Cry 2 game from Media Fire

Download the 2.70 GB 2.70 GB game, in a country destroyed by the civil war in North Africa The player in the Parent Cry 2 game controls a group of mercenaries demanding the elimination of ‘Ibn Awi’, a arms dealer who sells weapons of all kinds to the parties to the conflict, Which helps the warring forces to continue fighting.

From the beginning, the player suffers from malaria, which disturbs the player’s vision regularly, and to overcome this, the player must take malaria every 30 to 40 minutes so that the vision does not increase and may reach a complete loss of consciousness, knowing that obtaining malaria medicines is very difficult Especially since almost all the country’s population has this epidemic.

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Information about downloading the Far Cry 2 game for the computer:-

Personal choice:
The player in the ‘Far Cry’ scream chooses a character out of 9 playing mercenaries, while the other eight characters are distributed along with a group of other mercenaries in the play environment, who also seek to kill the arms dealer, and one of them may happen to the same The player’s area must provide assistance to them if the opportunity has the opportunity.

Amazing realism:
Enjoy the download of the Far Cry 2 game from Media Fire with dozens of amazing realistic features such as dynamic weather, malaria treatment, weapons degradation and vehicle malfunctions, in addition to the possibility of burning forests to besiege the enemies and for the player to be able to control the extent of the fire, the situation is considering the speed and direction of the wind to ensure achievement of goals Desired from the fire.

Weapons arsenal:
After downloading the Far Cray 2 game for the computer, the player can get many types of weapons, including mortars capable of causing tremendous destruction, missile launchers that are used to destroy vehicles, sniping rifles that are used to strike enemies from a distance, and automatic rifles that are characterized by dense fire which is the option The most appropriate to deal with more than one enemy at the same time.

There is also with the download of the Far Cry 2 game for the computer for a lot of weapons that can be relied upon to kill individuals without noise that may attract other enemies, knowing that you have to change your weapons frequently to ensure their work with high efficiency, as weapons deteriorate after using them for a long time gradually until they become Ultimately useless.

More about the remote scream game 2 FAR CRY:-

hardware :
The equipment of all kinds is among the indispensable things, such as maps, GPS and gasoline packages that can be used to ignite fires or making Molotov bottles, as well as a mobile phone that is used to receive and send messages and calls as well.

Play environment:
Explore the various African landscapes, including deserts, forests, mountains, and much more than only after downloading the Far Cry 2 game for the computer, where the player can wander freely in the huge play environment that covers an area of ​​19 square kilometers divided into several regions, and each region has its own buildings and terrain It is distinguished from other regions.

Great vehicles:
The Var Cry 2 player can get different vehicles throughout the play environment, including wild, marine and air vehicles, such as rapid marine launchers and cars of various types and sailors, and many other vehicles that the player can use to move within the vast play environment.

Each vehicle is distinguished within the game of remote scream 2 from others in terms of speed and ability to walk in rugged terrain and protection and many other things, for example the ‘Land Rover’ cars are characterized by their strength in addition to being equipped with a weapon in the back, but it is flawed that it does not provide protection for the player, While pocket cars are characterized by providing great protection for the player, but they do not have any weapon.

The most important positives download Far Cry 2 game from Media Fire:-

  • Up to 70 various tasks with different challenges.
  • A vast open world that includes many wonderful areas.
  • A wide range of used weapons and vehicles.
  • A stunning maps editor allows the player to create a landscape.
  • The ability to share your friends playing in multiple players.

Pictures from within the Far Cry 2 game

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