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Download the original Gata 9 game for the computer with one very fast link

Download the original Gata 9 game for the computer with one very fast link
Download the original Gata 9 game for the computer with one very fast link

Download Gata 9 game with one very fast link from Media Fire with a size of 407 MB, you can download GTA 9 GTA for the computer on all Windows operating systems, many developments and modifications witnessed the game in a way that added great pleasure to its events, a new selection of cars, aircraft and weapons that put in front of you multiple options Provides every large diversity and permanent renewal.

A modified and free version of Gata games that carry renewed pleasure and unlimited excitement, enjoy walking in the streets of the city in the center of passers -by, stealing cars, chases between you and the police forces, driving various vehicles, implementing criminal operations and more other than all of the above, in this topic we try to reveal All details and hidden things about downloading the original Gata 9 game.

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Information about downloading the original Gata 9 game:

Various changes:
During your career with the Gata 9 game, you notice a very large number of differences between it and the previous versions of the famous Gata games, this version included many new vehicles that have never appeared in any of the releases previously presented through the developed company Rock Star, such as the shopping cart that has become You can lead it.

A new star has been added to the accusation stars in the game, where the chases of the army and the police have become for you after downloading the Gata 9 game more difficult than ever, this is a little with many with Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 9.

New personalities and clothes:
Unlike the usual traditional costume that the hero wears there, there is a wide selection of other men’s clothes. You can switch between them from time to time, official sets such as ambulance, firefighters, police, army, athletes and so on, you have the right to switch your clothing after downloading the Gata game 9 original in several different ways such as tasks or through the Gata 9 blades for this purpose.

More costumes are waiting for you during your career, examples extend until they reach official suits in different colors such as black, blue, etc., distinctive designs of shirts, pants, heads of head, shoes, etc., this wide collection provides you with an elegant and renewed look between short periods of time.

On the other hand, the game included many characters with multiple differences, it is easy for you to detect the differences after downloading the Gata 9 GTA game with one link, for example the difference in skin color, brunette, white and black skin, as well as many classic and modern hair styles after downloading the Gata game 9 for the computer.

Other differences in terms of height, weight, walk and more, on the other hand all the characters inside the download of GTA 9 have equal fortunes in speed, endurance, etc., learn about more differences during your experience.

More about downloading Gata 9 for the computer:

Modern weapons:
During your long career with GTA 9 GTA, you can use many different categories of sharp handicrafts such as carpentry tools, with burning flame weapon, bombs, add multi -varieties firearms such as pistol, machine guns, snipers and guns, you can buy these weapons through sales stores available in The city immediately after you finish downloading the Gata 9 game for the computer.

Innovative designs:
It was updated on the designs of all vehicles inside, in addition to adding modern models that you see for the first time in the new Gata games, Formula 1 racing cars, along with giant carts, huge trucks and cargo transport vehicles, the game depends on about 10 different colors through which you provide you with Continuous diversity in the forms and manifestations of vehicles.

You can still drive the helicopter and fly over it over the houses, and you can walk in the seas and oceans through several ships and with ships dedicated to that, but for walking by land you find motorcycles with real designs, with cars with old and newly -made models, this is just a brief summary about what you can His leadership.

Multiple cities:
Once you download the Gata 9 game with a small size for the computer, your career begins from the main city, including different facilities such as hospital, police station, party hall, vehicle maintenance center, pizza restaurants, golf and more, you can enter these institutions and centers whenever you want.

In order to open the rest of the cities, it is necessary to reach advanced levels in setting tasks, or using the code responsible for that, when visiting a new city for the first time, you notice a great difference between its streets, cars and residents and the same elements in other countries, the mini -screen map on the screen reveals to you in turn The most important landmarks of cities.

The atmosphere of play and tasks after downloading Gata 9:

Realistic playing atmosphere:
Rockstar offers you by downloading the original Gata 9 game for the computer to be followed in realism, many changes that add a great deal of simulation, from the succession of the day and night, which means that there are tasks that revolve in broad daylight and another in the evening, after midnight or rather yet Sunsets all lighting lamps in the city streets are lighting, and car lamps operate automatically.

On the other side, after downloading the Gata 9 game on the computer there are many rituals varying in temperature, cold with heavy rains that fill the streets with water, as well as snow grains at times, winds, strong storms, severe atmosphere and other weather conditions.

Security forces :
It can be classified after downloading the original Gata 9 game as an enemy, the conversation is not limited to the policemen, but also extends to the army forces in addition to intelligence, those parties have high -speed hunt cars, in addition to tanks loaded with missiles and also armored vehicles full of armed soldiers, helicopters and ships War, which means their ability to catch you wherever you go.

Gata 9 includes large formations of criminal gangs, unlike the gang to which you belong to you there are many other groups, each gang has special criminal plans, violent confrontations that are held inside between members of the gang formations and the security forces.

Legendary tasks:
Various tasks such as theft, smuggling, exchange of bags or conclude deals you must implement after downloading the Gata 9 game for the computer, whether the task is individual or collective with the support of some colleagues, some tasks may take a long time of planning and work, definitely the preliminary tasks do not match anything from the difficulty of missions The closing, follow the map signs to determine your next step and use the Caplock button to respond to the incoming calls.

control :
After completing the download of GTA 9 on your computer, trit the game and then within seconds go to the desktop and click on the game icon, through the setting menu you can learn about the playing buttons in the keyboard, each button is dedicated to a specific matter, as you are entitled to modify those orders Whatever you want, use the mouse to shoot and fire, and use the shares to move the player and drive cars and vehicles in general, learn the roles of the rest of the buttons when visiting the list of buttons.

Pros for the Gata 9 game for the computer:

  • It contains many exclusive vehicles.
  • The diversity of rituals and the timing of tasks.
  • She witnessed the presence of weapons that had never appeared.
  • The breadth of the fields and freedom of transition between cities.
  • Driving aircraft and tanks various vehicles inside.
  • The advantage of saving progress more than once.
  • The realism of events and the accuracy of graphics.

Pictures from inside Gata 9 game

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