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Download the original Grand Auto Gata 2 GTA game for the computer

Download the original Grand Auto Gata 2 GTA game for the computer
Download the original Grand Auto Gata 2 GTA game for the computer

Download GTA 2 GTA game for 300 MB, the Grand Auto 2 Grand Auto 2 game, which was launched for users in 1999 to be a qualitative shift in the level and nature of video games, as this version ‘GTA 2’ was tantamount to strengthening and documenting the success of the first version that dealt with mobility Freely in a realistic, realistic, realistic world, completing a set of different tasks to reap material profits and survive.

The second version, ‘Grand Thuft Auto 2’ of the Gata crime series, deals with the same as the principle of play that involves completing the tasks assigned to the player by the game system during a certain period of time, the nature of these tasks is all criminal, varies between stealing cars, intimidating the safe, doing By robber, assassination, etc., not to mention the importance of being careful with hostile and confused criminals to survive and continue playing.

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Graphics and effects:
Compared to the latest versions or the level of graphics in video games that coincided at the time of its release with ‘Grand Theft Auto 2’, the wonderful evolutionary difference can be easily observed in the level of graphics, lighting and designs as well as the Animation in GTA 2.

To our current time with all the development that has occurred in the field of 3D graphics designs, you can still enjoy the download of Gata 2 thanks to its elaborate drawings as well as visual and sound effects and the speed of the game’s response with control orders, all of these factors contributed to increasing the level of realism in Grand Thuft Auto 2.

Play environment:
The events of GTA 2 revolve in a very realistic virtual city that includes all the details in the normal European cities such as streets, passers -by, traffic congestion and buildings of all kinds and purposes, as well as you can see details such as rivers, bridges, green spaces and beautiful water bodies throughout the virtual city where the events of the game take place ” Anywhere City ‘.

The game system after downloading the Gata 2 game depends on the roaming freely during this virtual world and investigating the tasks completion areas. It is possible to move freely from one place to another using different cars and vehicles that can be stolen from their owners while they wandering them safe in the city streets.

All you have to do is investigate the car you want to drive and attack and get rid of the car driver and then steal it. This principle applies to all vehicles in the play environment including cars and police equipment. Use these vehicles to escape from the police forces’ chases, or mafia personnel who are hostile to you , And you can also use it in GTA 2 to roam and explore the play environment.

More about Grand Thuft Auto 2 for computer:-

mission :
After downloading Gata 2 for the computer, you should complete a set of tasks assigned to you from the game system in order to be able to raise the advanced levels, each level carries a set of tasks that must be completed first as required to take advantage of the various advantages of that, such as breaking the ban on weapons or New capabilities, as well as upgrading playing to more difficult and challenging levels.

The nature of the tasks required of the player and doing them mainly revolves around criminal acts, whether these works are car theft and sale and make money, or cooperate with the various gangs to implement their criminal plans or robbed banks and assassinate public figures and other criminal tasks that can be done After downloading the Gata 2 game for the computer.

Upon completion of the tasks in Grand Thuft Auto 2 as required, the player is given the progress points that enable him to continue to the coming levels as well as the ability to buy weapons, fashion, accessories and other GTA 2, but of course the matter will not be delivered and the way for you to do the criminal acts that The safety of the residents threatens without chasing the bloody police, do everything in your power to escape from them, otherwise you will be arrested and lost your progress points and your weapons.

The most important features of downloading Gata 2 game from Media Fire:-

  • The ability to engage in individual or team playing style.
  • Each character follows a dramatic story that increases the player’s attachment to events.
  • The player can save the level of progress he reached before getting out of the game.
  • The nature of the play environment changes in different places and thus its terrain, which hinders the movement of the player.
  • A great diversity of vehicles that can be played between motorcycles, cars, police vehicles, helicopters.

Pictures from inside Grand Thuft Auto 2

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