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Download the original igi 2 game for the compact compact from Media Fire

Download the original igi 2 game for the compact compact from Media Fire
Download the original igi 2 game for the compact compact from Media Fire

Download the complete IGI 2 game from Media Fire and open all ways, you can now download the original Igi 2 of the computer with a size of 205MB only, this second version of the war, action and shooting IGI 2 comes after the first version got the admiration of the players and critics alike, Many advantages and surprises in terms of movement speed and the response of interactive elements with the player’s orders, in addition to clear improvements in the quality of graphics, the way of playing, controlling and more adventures.

Now you can complete many difficult tasks in the process of individual challenge, or join one of the military alliances with various directions and enjoy teamwork to perform combat tasks with allied soldiers, which increases your ability to complete the tasks as required and get more protection and support from the rest Team members.

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3D drawings:
The IGI 2 download version of the second part of the IGI game entitled Coverst Strike is due to the year 2000, that is, before most of the technologies used at the present time to develop high -definition and realistic levels of 3D graphics, however, though the developed company Edos Intertev employed technologies Available at the time to create very accurate and realistic drawings, it was considered one of the strengths that characterized this version and gained it for critics’ praise to the present time.

Characters :
Igi 2 events revolve between the hero of the game, who was a secret agent for British intelligence SAS and a group of Russian mafia men, in addition to many secondary figures whose appearance does not exceed some scenes of the events.

David Jones:
The main character that the player embodies and is the most important hero in the story, where he is assigned by the Igi headquarters to bring a group of electronic chips that were stolen by a group of Russian gangs from the American intelligence headquarters. David Jones was chosen as one of the best officers who have proven their competence And their endless courage in accomplishing difficult tasks without the need to help others, in addition to his own skill in developing tight plans to injure his goals with great accuracy, and you will discover more after downloading the original IGI 2 game.

Robert Quest:
Robert’s character appears as one of the assistants of David Jones at the beginning as he plays the role of a private pilot who takes David to the target sites in Russia to evoke electronic chips again, but when David succeeds in completing his mission and on the way back, Robert threatens him with death if he does not hand him the electronic chips and jumps from The plane, but in the end David managed to kill Robert and put him on an Egyptian beach.

Jacques Bribuy:
Jack is an additional and assistant goal for David in achieving his mission to retrieve electronic chips, as David meets Bjak, who was an old friend in Libya after he was captured by Libyan intelligence on charges of unlawful trade in weapons, David intends to save Jack from these families in all possible ways, Jack also offers a helping hand in setting plans and tactics to evoke electronic chips.

More about downloading IGI 2 for the computer:

Play is from the perspective of the first person, that is, the player is closer to the events to enjoy a high amount of integration while he appears in front of him the battlefield and his weapon, and in this regard, the IGI 2 game includes a large group of white and firearms, some of which are available to the player immediately At first levels, while others of weapons, which are more advanced and destroyed, are activated when the player reaches an advanced stage of levels.

After completing the IGI2 game download, you will have a variety of sharp weapons such as fighting knives, firearms such as machine guns, small pistols, offensive guns, sniping guns, machine guns, hand explosives, in addition to heavy weapons such as missile launchers.

control :
IGI2 control orders were the most prominent elements that received some criticisms from experts and critics except most of the problems that were the cause of the complaint are simple and technical that the player may not feel while playing, orders are generally controlled through the keyboard and mouse at the same time.

Some of the privileges:
The original download IGI 2 provides many different privileges and modes that can be relied upon in critical situations to get more help, the feature of monitoring everything that is going on near enemy sites to secure the task of entering and leaving you, in addition to the possibility of looking at the enemies and knowing what they are doing while remaining Safe in your hidden location away from their eyes.

Pros of downloading IGI 2 game for computer:\

  • The uploaded game file is safe and small and does not constitute a burden on old and weak devices.
  • Highly realistic audio and visual effects that help you immerse yourself in the events.
  • A diverse playing environment, ranging from desert and frozen areas to closed and secret places.
  • Providing the player with the opportunity to choose between individual or group play as he desires.

Pictures from inside the game IGI 2

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