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Download the original PES 2011 PES for the computer from Media Fire

Download the original PES 2011 PES for the computer from Media Fire
Download the original PES 2011 PES for the computer from Media Fire

Download PES 2011 for the computer from Media Fire in the size of 5 GB, Pro Efflechen Soccer 2011, one of the wonderful football games that received many improvements that won the admiration of millions And smoothly from ever.

PES 2011 includes up to 79 national teams, in addition to many licensed international clubs and new stadiums that have been added, and the cover of this Argentine version Lionel Messi is the former Barcelona club player, all these wonderful features that you enjoy after downloading PES 2011 game She made her one of the most successful series games.

Information about the 2011 Pace Download from Media Fire:-

Each player within the 2011 Pro Fulchen Soccer is distinguished in many things from jealousy as is the case in reality, but what is remarkable is the great match between the players and their counterparts in reality in terms of facial features, hair story, physical structure, the ability to dodge, the power of payment and speed, and you can see the possibilities Each player through his player card.

Passing and shooting:
It is no longer possible to pass the ball typical as it was in the past, as the players need to combine the power of kicking and the direction to get the ball in the place they want to go to, which adds a huge amount of control of the ball, which gives the players a great deal From realism after downloading Pace 2011 for the computer as is the case in real football matches.

Payment has also become surprisingly similar to reality, as there are many factors that affect the accuracy and strength of the shot. The most important of these factors is the position of the body during the payment and direction and whether the shot is from the position of movement or stability besides the skill of the player who is paying, and these improvements are a shift Quality in the history of PES 2011 game.

The animation of the players has improved significantly in PES 2011, where the reactions of the players and their movements became vibrant, and the celebration method for each player was added when scoring goals, and many other important things that guarantee the players to get the real football atmosphere with all their from them Large great details, explore more after downloading the 2011 PES game for the computer.

More about the Pro Fulchen Soccer game 2011:-

Downloading Pace 2011 from Media Fire provides you with many tactic options that in turn allow you to control the entire team members and apply your own tactics, and it also contains many ready-made offensive, defensive and balanced tactics that you can choose from if you don’t want to go deeper into tactics.

Clubs and teams:
PES 2011 includes many licensed clubs such as Barcelona, Borussia Dortmund and many others, and there are many national teams from Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America, and at the Arab level there are many teams such as the Saudi, Algerian, Egyptian and many more, enjoy all this and more with the download of the game PES 2011 with Arabic commentary for free.

Match Options:
There are many options that allow you to get a realistic football atmosphere in Pro Evolution Soccer 2011, where after downloading PES 2011 from Media Fire, you can set the match time, choose the stadium, referee, player crews, commentator, as well as weather options, which in turn affect the players’ clothes in particular and the atmosphere of the match as a whole in general.

PES 2011 has a very good training system that allows the player to practice many tactical sentences, dribbling, shooting, passing and many other things that help you perform well in official matches, especially since ball control is completely different from previous versions.

The most important features of download Pace 2011 for the computer:-

  • Great level of player control and ball movement.
  • Ultra-accurate and highly realistic animations.
  • New stadiums with a highly realistic design.
  • Many new clubs and national teams.
  • Light and suitable for most different computers.

Pictures from inside the game

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